25 Different Types of Buzz Cut (2024)

We can easily say that the buzz cut is one of the easiest hairstyles to maintain. Essentially, it comes down to the stylish and straightforward haircut which looks very minimalist and masculine at the same time. Buzz cut hairstyle helps to bring the focus on your facial features. Hence, it is preferred widely all over the world.

Types of Buzz Cut

Check out the below list of 25 different types of buzz cuts and try one out on your hair!

#1. The Receding Hairline Buzz

25 Different Types of Buzz Cut (1)

Dealing with a receding hairline or trying to work with a very prominent widow’s peak? A short buzz cut will make those bald areas look purposeful, instead of like something you hate!

#2. Temp Fade Buzz

25 Different Types of Buzz Cut (2)

Nothing makes a man look more classy and fresh than a buzz cut with a temp fade. If you have a round face, a buzz cut that includes a temp fade will give your face a sharp definition, which is sexy!

#3. Medium Buzz

25 Different Types of Buzz Cut (3)

Not ready to go super short but still want something easy to maintain? A buzz cut with medium length is semi-short, but leaves enough hair that you can work in some product to create a more finished look.

#4. Buzz Cut with High Fade

25 Different Types of Buzz Cut (4)

Many buzz cuts are just one short length all around the head. Switch it up a bit by throwing in a medium or high fade. The style above is great for round faces since there’s a curved shape at the forehead, yet the fade makes the head appear slender.

#5. Thin Hair Buzz

25 Different Types of Buzz Cut (5)

If your hair is on the thinner side, you can still pull off a trendy buzz cut. To not draw attention to the thinness, stick to the short buzz cuts and rock with confidence!

#6. The Military or Induction Buzz Cut

25 Different Types of Buzz Cut (6)

The induction or military cut can be considered the most extreme style for a buzz haircut. Basically, it is the famous military buzz cut which leaves you with a little hair left on your scalp. This cut was specifically meant for army troops to promote unity. However, this hairstyles comes with the minimal style.

#7. Burr Buzz Cut

25 Different Types of Buzz Cut (7)

Burr cut is basically an induction cut with just longer hair to satisfy the military look. If you’re not sure that you are capable of pulling off the induction cut, then this is the ultimate solution. If you have a rectangular face shape, then you can readily pull off this look. The hairstyle requires a great deal of maintenance to keep the length in check.

#8. Crew Buzz Cut

25 Different Types of Buzz Cut (8)

If you want to go for a shorter length of hair on the side leading up to long hair on the top, the crew cut is the best choice. The hairstyle is preferred by sportsmen to ensure that the hair doesn’t become a hindrance. The overall style of the cut may depend on the shape of your skull and face.

#9. Flat Top Buzz Cut

25 Different Types of Buzz Cut (9)

The flat top buzz cut hairstyle can be very similar to the crew cut. Here, the flat top of the buzz hair leads to long hair on the top. The whole style can result in a sharper look to flaunt. This hairstyle can also be termed as a long buzz cut as compared to other styles.

#10. Faded Buzz Cut

25 Different Types of Buzz Cut (10)

This fade haircut stands out from most of the common buzz cut hairstyles. It requires a skin type of fade cut on the side with short trimmed hair on the top. This stylish and trendy haircut can be a great choice of hairstyle to flaunt.

#11. Brush Buzz Cut

25 Different Types of Buzz Cut (11)

The brush cut can be referred to as the longest of all the buzz haircuts. The hair length is almost the same all around the head. It’s the longest hair choice you can go for with a buzz cut. Men with an oval face shape can pull this look off easily with their flexible facial features.

#12. Mohawk-Buzz Cut

25 Different Types of Buzz Cut (12)

If you want to go for a Mohawk inspired cut, then you have to opt for very short proportions on the head side. The longer strip of the hair remains on the top which extends till the back of your neck. With the minimal dimensions, you can really put off this creative look.

Fashionable Black Men Mohawk Hairstyles

#13. Caesar Buzz Cut

25 Different Types of Buzz Cut (13)

Do you want a long buzz cut but you aren’t sure which would be the perfect style for you? No worries, you can go for the Caesar buzz cut which comes with a proper length of hair. The front side of your scalp will feature a horizontal fringe with minimal styling. After the haircut, you need to make sure to style your hair forward.

#14. High and Tight Buzz Cut

25 Different Types of Buzz Cut (14)

If you want short dimensions of hair, then the high and tight style might be the best type of buzz cut for you. The longer proportion of your hair will remain at the top of your head. This hairstyle will suit men who want a longer appearance of the face to give a versatile look.

#15. Hard Parted Buzz Cut

25 Different Types of Buzz Cut (15)

Even though buzz cuts give a masculine and minimal look, they might not be the most exciting choice for a hairstyle. However, if you want to add an interesting look, then you can add an edge to the overall style. You can part your buzz cut with a thin or thick line of the shaved part. The hard part can be used to make a clear separation between the faded sides and the longer part of the hair.

Some Buzz Cut Examples

#16. Buzz with a Beard

25 Different Types of Buzz Cut (16)

Many men prefer a haircut that requires very little maintenance. With a beard, you can sport a buzz cut that is the same length and keep it trim at home with a pair of clippers for touchups.

#17. Buzz with a Fade

25 Different Types of Buzz Cut (17)

For an oval shaped face, you may want to try a buzz cut with a high fade. The cut is flattering to your face and the fade is an edgy touch. You can leave the top hair slightly longer than sides.

#18. Buzz for Thin Hair

25 Different Types of Buzz Cut (18)

If you have noticeably thin hair and are trying to figure out how to style it, a buzz cut will work with the hair you do have. You might be surprised how much this cut works in your favor!

#19. Buzz Cut and Goatee

25 Different Types of Buzz Cut (19)

A goatee or minimal facial hair is a handsome look with a buzz cut. If you’re looking for a professional look for the office, this is it.

#20. Buzz Cut and Line Up

25 Different Types of Buzz Cut (20)

What do you get when you mix a buzz cut with a line up? One sharp style! You’ll always be the freshest one in the group with a precise line up and buzz combination.

#21. Buzz and Chinstrap

25 Different Types of Buzz Cut (21)

Don’t want to go completely buzzed? Keep your beard but go through with the buzz cut! This rough and rugged style is a hot look for many men.

#22. Same Length all Over

25 Different Types of Buzz Cut (22)

For symmetry, buzz the hair on your head to the same length as your facial hair. If your face is oval or you wear glasses, this cut will be a winner for you.

#23. Short Bangs on a Buzz Cut

25 Different Types of Buzz Cut (23)

The traditional buzz cut features very short hair on top, usually without bangs. However, a super short bang on just the edge of the hairline adds an unexpected detail to the style.

#24. Buzz for Widow’s Peak

25 Different Types of Buzz Cut (24)

Seen here is a subtle widow’s peak. Instead of being your most frustrating feature, it can become edgy with a buzz cut.

#25. Buzz for a Receding Hairline

25 Different Types of Buzz Cut (25)

Don’t let a receding hairline get you down. A buzz cut will emphasize your hairline’s shape in a good way and make your receding hairline look more purposeful.

With the unique selection of buzz haircuts, you can settle on the one that fits you perfectly. Get inspired and get this amazing and minimalist look! Choose from the different types of the buzz haircut styles and go with the one which will go with your face shape.

You can prefer to get a clean shave to focus on your facial structure, else you can mix it up with a great beard. The buzz cut hairstyle requires the least amount of maintenance.

25 Different Types of Buzz Cut (2024)


How many types of buzz cuts are there? ›

Buzz cut styles today include the brush cut, crew cut, and flattop. The top of a buzz cut style may be clipped a uniform short length, producing a butch cut, or into one of several geometric shapes that include the crew cut, flattop, and other short styles.

Are buzz cuts in Style 2022? ›

Buzz Cut is an old hairstyle that is going to be trendy in 2022. It is an entire class of hairstyles that includes different kinds of modifications. Mancave for Men offers customized buzz cuts so you can have the hairstyle you desire.

How long is a 5 buzz cut? ›

The number 5 haircut is five eighth of an inch long. Its length allows you to brush and style your hair in multiple ways. Besides, with this haircut numbers, you can easily complement the long top with tapered sides for a soft and smooth transition between different clipper lengths.

What is a longer buzz cut called? ›

The Buzz Cut is a generic haircut term for a short, buzzed haircut, and is also known as a military cut. There are several kinds of buzz cuts. You can ask for anything from a super short buzz cut (a.k.a. an induction cut, blade #0-#1) to a longer buzz cut (a.k.a. a butch cut, blade #4 or longer).

How long is a 3 buzz cut? ›

Number 3 Buzz Cut

One can keep a clean shave with this look, as it has a buzz cut with a 3/8 length in inches and 9.525 in millimeters. The front part of the haircut can be trimmed into an “M” shape if the face is long or a wide “U” if the face is square shape to even out the look.

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