40 Exotic Braided Hairstyles with Shaved Sides for Women (2023)

Braids with shaved sides is an upgraded take on braided hairstyles. Shaved sides came unto the beauty when Cassie and Rihanna did it. Not only was it cute but individuals created many styles from it. For example, shaved sides with exotic braids. Another beautiful hairstyle that is also trendy.

How to Style Shaved Sides with Braids

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The braids can be styled in various ways depending on the look you are going for. It can be sleeked into a bun or ponytail for a formal event. As well as, let out or style into a half up half down hairstyle for a casual event.

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How to Do Braids on Scalp with Shaved Sides

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Ensure that your shaved side is not braided into. There is little or no hair there. If the braid is attached to it then it will pull against your hair follicles which will prevent hair growth. When you are braiding do it on the section with hair about 2 – 3 inches in length for grip. The longer the hair, the better.

Popular Braid Hairstyles with Shaved Sides

Here are 40 braided hairstyles with shaved sides to choose from:

1. Dreads with Braided Scarf

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Are you tired of dull hairstyles and need something that really pops out wherever you go? Try braids with shaved sides! Trim the sides and back with the machine and attach braids or hair extensions for the crown hair. Use a scarf to create a large, bigger knit.

2. Cornrow Braids with Shaved Sides

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Braids are the best option every time you’re craving a stylish hairstyle that keeps your hair out of the way and protects your coarse hair. Create a design by styling one braid that acts as a middle part for the left and right sections. Shave the sides and create cornrows.

3. One-Sided Braids

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Statement hairstyles are the best for women who love to show off their personality and are not afraid to make dramatic changes. To recreate this, you’ll have to shave one of the sides. Use the remaining hair to style long, black, gorgeous braids.

4. Blonde Cornrows with High Fade

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Combine cuts that usually men use to highlight the top, like a high fade, with cornrows. To get that voluminous thick knit, use Jumbo hair that you will combine with your dark natural color. Style only three or four braids.

5. Braided Top Bun

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Want a look that makes even supermodels jealous? Shave most of the hair, keeping the top a little longer so that you can create braids. Use platinum gray hair extensions and don’t braid the hair till the ends. Finally, roll the whole thing in a big bun on top of the head.

6. Braided Pony with Temple Shave

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Want a hairstyle with a twist, that can look both professional and fancy? You don’t need to shave big portions of your head, just create a temple trim. When you pull the hair up, you will reveal the shaved. If you keep it untied, nobody will notice the trim.

7. Vikings Braids

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Viking’s hairstyles are such an inspiration for both men and women. They include intricate multiple braids that crisscross. They also come in different thicknesses, creating a stylish and beautiful construct. To create such a look, you will heed to pull off braids with shaved sides.

8. Thick Green Braids

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Want a pop of color and long braids? You have the best option right here and it’s so easy to recreate! First, you need to style a short fade on the sides, keeping the crown hair longer. Extend that section with vivid green color. Choose Jumbo hair for your knits.

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9. Braided Mohawk

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A mohawk is not for the faint of heart or those who have jobs with strict dress codes and hairstyle regulations. It involves shaving your sides and styling a mohawk that you will later braid.

The hairstyle is ideal when you are planning your workout or need a hairdo that keeps the hair away from your face.

10. Two Colors Braids

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Don’t go for dull options when you can pull off a two colors hairstyle! Instead of creating braids in the same nuance, buy two tones that complement each other. You will do the parting as usual, but use a different color when you pull of your braids.

11. High Ponytail Braids

Another beautiful hairstyle was created within the community. Her sides are kept really low while the middle is in a ponytail. The top section is box braided then placed into a ponytail.

Recommended maintenance will be minimal since your hair is protected underneath the box braids. Ensure that your hair, head as well as neck will be able to manage the weight that comes with braids.

12. Braided Bun with Shaved Sides

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This shaved side braid hairstyle is done into a bun. It allows you versatility because you can switch between styling into a bun, ponytail as well as hide your shaved sides. The sides are kept really low while the middle is braided with blonde or golden hair.

Ensure to secure the braids at the roots to prevent your hair from slipping. Daily maintenance would be required to keep your sides low, especially if your hair grows fast. In addition, you would need to keep the perimeter of your braids fresh, especially when exposed to the public.

13. Half Pony

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This hairstyle is different from the other braids with shaved sides because the sides are bald. However, it still looks beautiful. Then the middle of her hair is braided with blonde hair which looks gorgeous on the model.

The hair is braided downwards to fall along her back. The half up is done in a low ponytail. Maintenance will be heavily required because your hair will be growing out which you may or may not want people to see.

14. Braided Mohawk Updo

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Another braided updo is done in an upside-down braided bun. You can do the exact same style or let the braids fall to your shoulders. Also, you can use different color braids to keep your hair looking playful. Her sides are blonde as well as shaved very low.

This allows her hair to blend in with the blonde/golden brown braids. Heavy maintenance would be required to maintain bleached hair while keeping your hair healthy. In addition, to mask the black hair that will appear once your hair starts growing out.

15. Braided Pompadour

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For these braids with shaved sides and back hairstyle, the braids are done using crochet braids. One side is shaved completely, and the other side is braided. Once the braids are done it is then styled into a pompadour or pin-up. This is where all of the braids are pinned in a particular direction in order to achieve a particular look.

This style will take some time to master especially if your braids are heavy. However, once pinned securely it will last for the entire day. Once your hair starts to grow out you can brush it to keep the hair maintained.

16. Side Swept Braids with Fade

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For this hairstyle, the braids are pinned into a side swept braided bangs. It adds volume to the overall hairstyle. As well as, it will look chic in any outfit. When your hair starts to grow you can brush the hair on the shaved sides down in order to maintain the overall look. Also, you can add colorful braids to your bang to add to the aesthetic of the overall look.

17. Braided Mohawk Bun

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For this look, the braids are done very small. It gives the hair more volume as well as depth. In addition, her shaved sides started growing out which adds more texture to the overall look.

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You can keep brushing the shaved sides as it grows out as well as use edge control to keep them laid all day. Maintenance would be required for your braids especially if your hair grows fast in order to keep them fresh throughout the duration of the hairstyle.

18. Braided Bun with Shaved Undercut

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Very similar to the previous hairstyle however the braids are put in a half bun. A portion of the hair was left after shaving the side then it was braided and styled into a huge bun. Another great shaved sides hairstyle with braids that offers various hairstyles.

You can be rocking the un for formal today and looking punk rock with a ponytail the next day. You can keep your sides low by brushing them daily to keep them to lay flat all day.

19. Medium Size Box Braids with Shaved Side

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The shaved side with box braids allows the hairstyle to look punk rock. In addition, it can be transferred into a high or low ponytail. And, even a bun if the model so desires. It’s a very chic hairstyle that will have all eyes on you.

You can also add any hair color you so desire such as blonde, red or even blue towards the end. This will give the hairstyle a playful look.

20. Chunky Braided Mohawk with Shaved Side

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This exotic yet punk rock style is for those individuals who are really raving. The model shaved her sides leaving the middle portion for her braided hair. However, she added designs to the shaved sides to give it an eccentric look.

You can add different designs as well such as your favorite shapes or words. You can restyle it into an upside-down ponytail. The hairstyle is statement wear and should be worn with an amazing outfit. What do you think?

21. Box Braid Ponytail

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Another exotic hairstyle that will have all eyes on you. This hairstyle is fun especially if you like long ponytails. Her sides are shaved while the top portion is remaining at an angle.

Usually, the top portion would be in a rectangular or square form however for her it is in a triangle. Also, her braids aren’t the typical braids they are feathered. To achieve this style, you would plait your braids but not braid to the end. Then, you can cut to your desired fluffiness.

22. Half Shaved Head with Braids

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This braided side shaven hairstyle is similar to what Cassie debuted in 2010 however the difference is the braids. Her right side is shaved really low. However, her left side has braids. They are done at medium length so that it looks more uninformed.

In addition, she made a ponytail at the top to add volume to her hairstyle. Maintenance will be needed especially when your shaved side starts to grow out.

23. Braids with Side-Shaved Hair Design

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Another eccentric shaved hairstyle with braids because the sides have various designs. You can tweak it an add your own design. In addition, the hair is braided smaller than normal to add volume to the hair.

From these braids, you can style is various ways such as bun, ponytail, or leave it out or you can combine it like what the model is wearing. The hairstyle should last a long time especially if daily maintenance is done.

24. Braids with Weave

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This is a very different braiding technique since crotchet hair has been used. In addition, there is a mixture of blue and black hair. It can then be styled in various ways such as a bun, ponytail, rolled up the pin and so much more.

Also, the crochet braids that are used will make styling easier on the hair. In addition, the braids will be light. Therefore, it will not strain your hair follicles or neck for the duration of the hairstyle.

25. Fishtail Long Mohawk

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For this braids with side shaved hairstyle, the hair is dyed blonde. Then, the sides are shaved really low. And blonde weave is installed into the hair. Then a fishtail braid is done downwards into a Mohawk which adds texture to the look.


And the top portion is wand curled to give the hairstyle flair. Maintenance will be heavily needed in order to maintain as well as preserve the overall health of your hair since it is bleached.

26. High Bun

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A very unique hairstyle because the deep side part is wavy. This allows your hairstyle to be unique. The braided bun is braided finely. In addition, the hair thread Is tied across the braids to add dimension to the hairstyle. In addition, hair clips are added to give the overall look a playful look.

27. French Braided Mohawk

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Another beautifully braided mohawk. Braids are added to her natural hair then cornrowed down into the Mohawk. Her mohawk is very long however you can make it short if you so desire. In addition, you can add color to the braid if you want to add flair.

28. Medium Box Braided Ponytail

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These shaved sides are very low compared to the other braids style in the list because it starts just an inch above the ears. Then, the top portion is braided using golden brown/blonde hair. Then, it is placed into an upside bun. We are loving this hairstyle because it is very shiny.

To achieve this level of glow, you can use hairspray on your braids. In addition, the hair is low maintenance as the braids will stay neat for a while. .In addition, the shaved sides are low hence little maintenance.

29. Rope Twist Braids

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Another shaved side hairdo with colorful braids. It adds flair to the hairstyle. In addition, you can add hair clips, beads and straws to add dimension to the overall hairstyle. Her shaved sides have a design which adds to the overall aesthetic of the look.

30. Flat Twist Bun

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Instead of the braids being plaited or cornrowed, it is twisted. Then the two strand twists are then placed into a bun. You can add hair beads and accessories to accentuate the overall look. As the shaved sides start to grow out then you would lightly brush to keep your hairs laid.

31. Cornrows

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This is a cut above the rest hairstyle. The hair is braided into small and big braids then braided into one braid down the rest of the hair. The sides are shaved very low to add texture to the overall look. You can add designs to keep the braids with shaved sides unique. In addition, once the sides start to grow out you can use edge control to keep your sides looking “fleek” and laid all day.

32. Senegalese Twists with Shaved Side

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As the name of the hairstyles suggests the hair is styled into Senegalese twists. Then it is brought to one side of her face, which is usually the model’s best side. The shaved side has a cool design which is the deep side wavy part. You can do more by adding your favorite design, work or even shape. Have fun with the hairstyle!

33. Micro Braids into Updo

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The base of the shaved side is shaped like the letter “U”. While the middle of the “U” is braided very fine, also called micro braids. This allows your micro braids with shaved sides hairstyle to last longer because the messiness will take a longer time to show. The model placed into a bun however you can wear it out or in a ponytail.

34. Two Big Braid with Shaved Sides

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This sleek look is perfect for a night out or the club. The sides are shaved very sleek with neat designs to enhance the coolness of the hairstyles The double Dutch braids are braided down with black and auburn colored braids weaved in.

It allows you to have a beautiful contrast with this loo. In order to keep the hair glossy ensure to use hair spray and mousse.

35. Ponytail with Pixie Braids

40 Exotic Braided Hairstyles with Shaved Sides for Women (37)

For this exotic braided hairstyle with shaved sides, the braids are smaller. The smaller the braids the longer the style should last.

Also, her hairstyle can be restyled in many other ways. It is perfect for school, summer jobs, and family dinners. You can add cool designs to the shaved sides to keep it looking fresh.


36. Braided Bun Mohawk

40 Exotic Braided Hairstyles with Shaved Sides for Women (38)

This hairstyle is eccentric and beautiful. The sides are shaved only leaving the top portion which is then braided using silver grey box braids. And, rolled, pinned, tucked and tied into this beautiful masterpiece. Ensure to get it done by a professional if you want the exact look!

37. Stitch Braid Pony

40 Exotic Braided Hairstyles with Shaved Sides for Women (39)

This is a very chic braids with shaved sides and back hairstyle. The big and small braids are a beautiful contrast. In addition, the beads will keep your hair looking shiny.

Lastly, the blonde highlights throughout the jumbo braid ponytail hairstyle will keep it fresh. You can then restyle into a bun. In addition, if you love waist length hair then you can braid towards that length.

38. Crochet Braided Hair with Shaved Sides

40 Exotic Braided Hairstyles with Shaved Sides for Women (40)

The style is braided using crochet hair which looks like your natural hair. Then, you can add hair threads of different colors on the braids in order to accentuate the low. Lastly, she shaved sides can be maintained with a brush as well as your favorite edge control.

39. Triangle Braids

40 Exotic Braided Hairstyles with Shaved Sides for Women (41)

Another unique braided shaved side hairdo because the braids are triangle parted. This gives a unique design to your scalp. In addition, her sides are tapered into an undercut with a deep side part. Daily maintenance will be required In order to keep your edges fresh for the duration of the hairstyle.

40. Braided Updo with Shaved Sides

40 Exotic Braided Hairstyles with Shaved Sides for Women (42)

If you look really close at the model’s hair you would see that the ends of her braids are feathered. For this braids with shaved sides hairstyle, you wouldn’t braid towards the end of the hair you would stop at a certain point.

Then, apply hot water to the ends of the braids to keep the feathers close-knit. Then, once the hair has cooled style into a bun.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can this style be done on short hair?

If your hair is the minimum 2 – 4 inches then it can be done. The braid will need to be secured which it cannot be on extremely short hair. Hence, we don’t recommend you to do it if your hair is really short.

Is this style suitable for men Also?

Yes it is. Men are slowly but surely coming into this trend. However, they will do the “manlier” version. They would sport cornrows, or faux locs with the style.

Do braids look attractive with an undercut?

Yes. The braids can also be styled with an undercut and you will still look beautiful.

Which one of the exotic braids with shaved sides hairstyles will you be trying for the new year?


What is the haircut called with only shaved sides? ›

Shaved side hairstyles are also called undercut. It became a trend in 2012.

Can a 50 year old woman wear braids? ›

Braids long have been the exclusive domain of youth, but the truth is, if done right, braids are an interesting-and free-hair accessory, even for women over 50 and especially in summer.

What braid styles are good for thin edges? ›

  • 01 of 05. Crown Braid (Milkmaid) True to its name, a crown braid is placed at the top of the head and is an easy way to conceal a thinning or receding hairline. ...
  • 02 of 05. Pancaked Big Braid. ...
  • 03 of 05. Knotless Braids. ...
  • 04 of 05. Box Braids. ...
  • 05 of 05. Braided Bun.
Dec 14, 2022

What is a skunk haircut? ›

“The skunk hair trend is when the hair is parted evenly down the middle and each half-section is colored in two, extremely contrasted shades,” Hillier explains. More specifically, one side is completely black and the other side is a stark white or an almost platinum blonde (like the animal's signature tail).

What is a peek a boo haircut? ›

Peekaboo highlights are highlights that are generally applied to your hair underneath the top layer, so that when you wear your hair down with your normal parting, you don't see them. They are usually applied towards the front of the head, no closer than an inch or so down from your natural part.

How do you look chic at 50? ›

5 Rules of Dressing in Your 50s
  1. Embrace color. While shades of grey can come across as matronly, bright and bold color will rev up your look and perk up your skin tone. ...
  2. Free your neckline. Swap the deep plunge in favor of a universally flattering boatneck. ...
  3. Upgrade your knits. ...
  4. Play up your waistline. ...
  5. Find your fit.

What hairstyle suits over 50? ›

20 Best Hairstyles for Women Over 50 That Are Oh So Flattering
  • of 20. Shoulder-Length Waves. ...
  • of 20. Glam Waves. ...
  • of 20. Blunt Bob. ...
  • of 20. Sideswept Pixie. ...
  • of 20. Crimped Curls. ...
  • of 20. Curly Bob. ...
  • of 20. Natural Curls. ...
  • of 20. Long Layers.
Aug 26, 2022

What looks good on a 50 year old woman? ›

You can wear these basics to work, out to dinner and anywhere else:
  • Dark denim, mid-rise, boot-cut jeans. ...
  • Dark denim, mid-rise, straight-leg jeans. ...
  • White jeans (boot-cut or straight-leg) ...
  • Great-fitting pants. ...
  • Black blazer. ...
  • Black pencil skirt. ...
  • Sweaters. ...
  • Tank tops.
Nov 28, 2022

What are Mermaid braids? ›

Mermaid Braids are something really special and perfect for any occassion. They are two full braids with a choice of plain or ombre coloured hair extensions.

What hairstyle is best for very thin hair? ›

Bobs, pixies, layers, and bangs — these haircuts are strategically designed to help fine hair full-fill its potential. The look of thin hair can change dramatically with the power of the humble scissor — and the right cutting hand.

How do you make thin hair look fuller with braids? ›

Pull and flatten

This technique is also known as pancaking. Pulling some strands of hair is an easy and quick way to make your braid look thicker and bigger. Make any braid you want and pull and tug the sections of braid to loosen it. It will instantly add width giving you an illusion of a fuller braid.

What haircut makes thin hair look fuller? ›

Blunt cut. If you have a finer hair texture but like to keep your length long, Seamus McKernan, hairstylist and Nioxin Top Artist, recommends asking your stylist for a blunt haircut. "Blunt cuts have a solid, clean line at the perimeter of the hair that gives the appearance of fuller hair.

What is a bonk hair? ›

Wicks (also referred to as bonks or globs) are a hairstyle originating in South Florida. This hairstyle is prevalent amongst African-Americans, The Hairstyles originated from Afro-Caribbeans (specifically Afro-Haitian) in descent and are involved in the Hip-Hop community as well as related subgenres in Florida.

What is a b52 haircut? ›

The beehive is a woman's hairstyle in which long hair is piled up in a conical shape on the top of the head and slightly backward pointing, giving some resemblance to the shape of nature's beehive. It is also known as the B-52 due to a resemblance to the distinctive nose of the Boeing B-52 airplane.

What is a waterfall haircut? ›

The Waterfall Cut is such a beautiful cut that suits medium to long hair that's straight, wavy or curly. The soft, rounded layers, waves and curls cascade like a waterfall. In the shape of a upside down teardrop, tapering into a softly rounded V-shape at the ends.

What is a ghost cut? ›

“It's a technique that adds movement and texture while giving the illusion of a one length haircut,” explains Ramon on ghosting, which allows him to remove bulk from the hair without compromising on length.

What is a Julius Caesar haircut? ›

The Caesar cut is a hairstyle with short, horizontally straight cut bangs. The hair is layered to around 2–5 cm (1-2 inches) all over. It is named after the Roman Emperor Tiberius Caesar Augustus, whose images frequently depict him wearing his hair in such a manner.

What colors to wear after 50? ›

It's better to stick with dark colors, such as black, dark blue, or bordeaux, for your basic items of clothing. You can always accessorize them with other colors. Just be extra careful with reds and pastels.

How do overweight people look chic? ›

10 Simple Style Tips To Dress Sexier When Overweight
  1. Wear simple clothes. If you want to look sexy instantly, don't overcomplicate things. ...
  2. Choose the right fit. ...
  3. Wear bright colors. ...
  4. Avoid trendy clothing. ...
  5. Show off your legs. ...
  6. Wear sexy shoes. ...
  7. Pick one fantastic accessory. ...
  8. Add layers to your outfits.

How not to dress frumpy after 50? ›

Fit, fit fit.

No one knows or cares what the size on the label is. If your pants or jeans are too tight, they will cause muffin top. If your dress or top is too large, it will only make you look shapeless, and yes, your outfit frumpy. Choose clothes that skim your figure, that are neither too tight or too loose.

What hair style makes an older woman look younger? ›

Loose waves are more younger-looking, while straight hair can be aging. Play around with face-framing layers to give your hair some softness and movement. Layers can also make your hair appear to be more luscious and healthy. Parra recommends asking your stylist for perimeter layers that are cut in a straight line.

What kind of haircut makes you look younger? ›

Classic cuts like the bob and pixie will never go out of style, and you can easily freshen up your signature look by adding a set of bangs or more layering. For all of your inspiration, look no further than these flattering cuts that will make you feel like you've had years lifted from your look.

What is the best hairstyle for a 50 year old woman 2022? ›

Shaggy, layered long bobs with curtain bangs are the best hairstyles for women over 50. With it's fuller-shape this trendy style gives an impression of youthfulness. A medium-length hairstyle like this layered long bob looks amazing with side bangs, too.

What features make a woman look older? ›

Enlarged pores, dark spots, and sun damage can easily make your skin look like its years older than it really is. If you've put it through a lot in the past, you may want to consider options like microdermabrasion to buff away uneven, dull skin.

How can I look beautiful at 55? ›

These natural beauty tips can get you started.
  1. If you smoke, stop. ...
  2. Just say no to sunbathing and tanning salons. ...
  3. Wear sunscreen religiously. ...
  4. Check your skin often for skin cancer. ...
  5. Soothe dry skin. ...
  6. Eat right and hydrate. ...
  7. Try anti-aging products. ...
  8. Know about skin treatments.

How can I be more attractive at 60? ›

  1. 7 Anti-Aging Tricks that Every Woman Over 60 Should Know. ...
  2. Wear a Genuine Smile. ...
  3. Spend Time with Young People. ...
  4. Burn Fat the Old Fashion Way – By Walking! ...
  5. Embrace Your Passions. ...
  6. Stop Helping the Clock by Smoking and Spending Time in the Sun. ...
  7. Give Your Skin What it Really Needs – Water and Nutritious Food.

What is a butterfly haircut? ›

The butterfly haircut has lots of wispy, descending layers that are pulled away from the face instead of inward. This effect mimics a butterfly's fluttering wings. The haircut can also be considered a two-in-one look because the short layers give an illusion of a shorter style that frames the face.

What is the number 1 haircut for 2022? ›

The shag— or super layered hair cut— is the trend,” says Saviano. “It works on almost every hair texture and length, and you can even style this look with or without bangs. It gives off a cool, low maintenance vibe, and truly brings out the best of natural hair texture, as the layered cut gives the hair movement.”

What is the new haircut for 2023? ›

“For 2023 it will have an updated feel with more layers and softer cropped fringes, like a '70s or 90s-esque curtain bang, and copious amounts of movement made easy from internal layers – perfect for that on trend cool girl,” he says. Or, if you can't decide between a bob and a pixie, combine both.

What braids Did Kim Kardashian wear? ›

Kim Kardashian's history of Blackfishing is well-documented, and she has worn Fulani braids on multiple occasions, which is a protective hairstyle that originates from the Fulani people of West Africa.

What are Kim Kardashian's braids called? ›

So we braided her hair and then we braided my hair," Kim explained at the time. "But I obviously know they're called Fulani braids and I know the origin of where they came from and I'm totally respectful of that.

What did Kim Kardashian call her braids? ›

It's just a hairstyle that I wore in the movie 10,” she wrote. “Kim Kardashian calls it the Bo Derek because she copied my pattern of braids. I copied it from Ann-Margret's backup singer from her Vegas Sho. And we all copied Queen Nofretari [sic].

What are milkmaid braids? ›

A milkmaid braid is a style of braid with a neat center part that wraps around the head. It is made by creating two pigtail braids and then wrapping them up and around, crossing them over the top of the head.

What are Unicorn braids? ›

A byproduct of the mermaid hair trend, unicorn braids offer naturals a splashy, playful edge - sans bleach. Kinks and curls are transformed with spools of colorful hair installed via the cornrow, three-strand and/or crochet method.

What is a waterfall braid? ›

A waterfall braid is a half French braid in which part of the hair is braided and the rest is left to cascade down, like a waterfall. Because you may be used to creating full braids, the waterfall braid may look complicated or tricky, however, it simply takes a couple of repetitive steps to achieve!

What should you not do with thin hair? ›

7 Mistakes To Stop Making If You Have Fine Hair
  • Using Too Much Product.
  • Getting the Wrong Haircut.
  • Using Too Much Conditioner.
  • Keeping Hair Very Long.
  • Forgetting About Your Scalp.
  • Using the Wrong Blow-Drying Technique.
  • Bringing on the Breakage.
Jan 31, 2023

Does thin fine hair look better short or long? ›

"Short hairstyles are best for thinning hair, because too much length can drag the hair down and create an unflattering, stringy appearance," says Alabama stylist Hope Russo.

How can I add fullness to thin hair? ›

Volumizing Styling Tips for Thin Hair
  1. Lift Your Roots: ...
  2. Thicken Individual Strands: ...
  3. Switch Your Part. ...
  4. Add Volume With a Curly or Wavy Hairstyle. ...
  5. Turn Down the Heat. ...
  6. Protect Your Hair From Thermal Damage. ...
  7. Brush Up on Your Brushes. ...
  8. Get a Volumizing Cut.
Oct 19, 2018

Which hair cut gives more volume? ›

Blunt Lob. You can't go wrong with a classic blunt cut like this one by stylist Riawna Capri, which makes your ends look oh-so thick. Layers might give more volume at the crown, but a blunt cut gives you thickness and, as it follows, overall volume like no other.

What Colour is best for thin hair? ›

Darker colours tend to add more depth and dimension to the hair, which can make it look fuller and thicker. If you have very fair skin, you may want to avoid going too dark, as it can make you look washed out. Some of the best hair colours for thin hair include chocolate brown, auburn, mahogany, and black.

What is a razor edge haircut? ›

Razor cutting is a highly skilled technique where your hair artist freehand carves into your hair with a razor. It essentially makes the hair lighter and airier. For those with straight hair, a razor cut will give texture and movement, while for curly hair, the results can be life-changing - or, rather, curl changing.

What is a Shullet haircut? ›

The 'shullet' is a cross between a '90s shag and an '80s mullet, and hairdressers say they're inundated with requests. The cut with attitude. By Ali Pantony.

What is a Clavicut hairstyle? ›

"The clavicut is a blunt haircut at the collarbone, straight around—not shorter in the back or longer—it is the same length all over," says Tricomi. "Basically, the hair kisses the top of the collarbone (also known as the clavicle, thus the name 'clavicut').

What is a Russian haircut? ›

Oseledets (Ukrainian: оселедець, IPA: [oseˈlɛdetsʲ]) or chub (Ukrainian: чуб, IPA: [tʃub]) is a traditional Ukrainian style of haircut that features a long lock of hair left on the otherwise completely shaved head, commonly sprouting from the top or the front of an otherwise closely shaven head.

What is a Brutus haircut? ›

This was a layered cut usually with some tresses hanging down, named after the Roman Titus Junius Brutus, a character in Voltaire's play Brutus, when the actor François-Joseph Talma shocked audiences by performing (in fact initially another character) with short hair and wearing a toga.

What is the butterfly haircut? ›

The butterfly haircut has lots of wispy, descending layers that are pulled away from the face instead of inward. This effect mimics a butterfly's fluttering wings. The haircut can also be considered a two-in-one look because the short layers give an illusion of a shorter style that frames the face.

What is the mermaid hair cut? ›

The hairstyle, defined by long, loose, and slightly unkempt waves, is said to be inspired by the Italian painter's romantically-captured subjects with flowing hair.

What are the 6 stylish hairstyles? ›

The Top 6 Stylish Hairstyles is an item in Animal Crossing: New Horizons introduced in the 1.6. 0 Free Winter Update.
When used, it unlocks the following hairstyle options:
  • Cornrows hair.
  • Hair with afro puffs.
  • Perm hair.
  • Short undercut.
  • Afro.
  • Bald.

What is a wolf cut? ›

As celebrity and editorial hairstylist Neil Moodie explains: “A wolf haircut is a mix of the shag haircut and a mullet, but generally created on longer hair. It has shorter choppy layers on the top and longer choppy layers around the sides and back.”

What does an octopus haircut look like? ›

Similar to a mullet, the style features more body and volume at the crown of the head (the head of the octopus) and then longer, thinner, shag-like layers from the mid-shaft to ends (the tentacles). Though the octopus haircut is inspired by both the mullet and shag, it is neither.

What is a Bixie hairstyle? ›

"The bixie is a combination of the pixie and the bob haircut," Jenna Spino, hairstylist at Maxine Salon, says. "Blending the two cuts gives the fullness of a short pixie while keeping the length and versatility of a bob." The bixie merges the two hairstyles in a way that is both chic and breezy.

What is a lettuce haircut? ›

Kids these days refer to mullets under different terms – lettuce, flow, salad – but nonetheless, they are back in style. The cut is closely associated with both hockey and lacrosse players, as the hair flows elegantly out of the backs of 0 helmets.


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