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Whether you want to look like a star or keep it simple and boardroom professional, we have you covered. Our eyewear specialists spent countless hours hand-selecting the best and most unique eyewear pieces from around the world to ensure you look your best


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141 Eyewear

Flexible Ultem Eyewear

It’s not every day that the choices you make can immediately change someone’s life. For each pair of 141 Eyewear purchase, we give a new pair of glasses to a person in need. One Four One.

Designed in Portland, Oregon our frames are flexible and super light weight. Weighing in at just 7 grams, 141 frames are perfect for those who want a comfortable fit with nose piece designs

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Blackfin Eyewear

Titanium Eyewear

Blackfin has been working with titanium for over twenty years and over this time they have learned all the secrets of shaping it and the skills and techniques for enhancing every one of its properties. This is why a Blackfin model is not just a spectacle frame but a masterpiece of engineering, technology and design.

A Blackfin model is unique because all its properties are unique. The titanium of which it is made is as tough as steel but weighs 40% less and it is twice as strong as aluminium. It is indeed an extraordinary material which requires equally exceptional skills for shaping it and creating something amazing and inimitable every time.

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Evatik Eyewear

Men's Eyewear

With equal focus on fit, function and aesthetics, EVATIK eyewear for men strikes the perfect balance between comfort and luxury. Minimalistic and architectural designs are elevated by the finest materials such as handmade acetate, high grade stainless steel, and Japanese titanium. Deep, rich, masculine colors and custom design elements define the collection, creating a polished and refined look for today’s modern man.

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iGreen Custom Eyewear

Custom Eyewear

Green Eyewear is the result of years of research and development in order to produce technologically superior frames while being friendly to our environment. Thanks to Thema’s investment in eco-friendly equipment and processes, iGreen frames are not only stylish, incredibly light, flexible and highly customizable but also fabricated using significantly less water and electricity during manufacture, making them a sensible and unrivaled choice in the marketplace.

Imagine being able to wear what represents you best. Endless possibilities to express your creativity without limitations, envision yourself wearing a frame created and designed by you! Our iGreen Custom program brings this vision to life, where you are the designer of your own unique frame. We have created a program to ensure everyone has the perfect fit no matter which style they love from our 4.0 Collection and that’s why we offer up to three different eye-sizes for every custom shape.

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Gigi Studios

Independent Boutique Eyewear

GIGI Studios’s history is family, therefore, its expertise comes from an extensive heritage. Patricia Ramo’s grandfather founded one of the first frames factory in 1962 in Poble Sec, the heart of Barcelona. Her father, Luis Ramo, remained at the forefront for 35 years. Just as her father did, she has continued with the legacy up until today.

Each manufacturing step is meticulously handcrafted combining both leading technology and the human touch. To GIGI Studios, it’s all in the details.

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Luxury Designer Eyewear

Founded in Florence in 1921, Gucci is one of the most prestigious brands in the fashion and luxury field. But it is in 2021 that Gucci chooses its new journey through a brand new vision, guided by its new creative director Alessandro Michele. Eclectic, romantic and most of all contemporary Gucci is now going a completely modern approach of what fashion is, re-establishing the rules for luxury in the 21st century.

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Nine Eyewear

Handmade in Japan

Designed in Denmark and handcrafted by skilled craftsmen in Japan. It is no exaggeration when we point out that all the collections from nine eyewear really are unique. Ever since the first steps were taken in 2010, nine eyewear has set out to create ultra-light titanium eyewear without superfluous details.

The weight of our frames, regardless of shape, color and material has always been just about 9 grams. Hence our name nine eyewear.

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O&X New York

Handmade in Japan

The O&X eyewear collection is inspired by the richness and diversity of New York City, its people, its culture & its colors.

The iconic eyewear collection has a personality on its own. Every piece showcases refined details flawlessly matched with innovative design to deliver a classy style, indulgently unveiling the artistic distinction that comes with great comfort and durability. Every pair is made with precision to exude the unique persona of the individual and accompanies him or her with good spirits.

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Classic Designer Eyewear

We almost certainly have Ray-Ban to thank for making sunglasses an essential part of personal style. Synonymous with counterculture cool, Ray-Ban's iconic Wayfarer, Clubmaster and Aviator styles have been worn on- and offscreen by Hollywood's most rebellious stars. Beyond image, Ray-Ban continues to update their sunglasses with the latest specs, features and trendsetting frames.

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Handmade Eyewear

RAEN is headquartered on Pacific Coast Highway in Oceanside, California. Oceanside has a long history of expression, creativity and a flourishing community of surfers, skaters, and artists who inspire us on the daily. Our designs and brand identity are directly influenced by the eccentricity and uniqueness of the community and people that call this home.

Our process is seamless from start to finish, with meticulous attention to detail and quality from each cut and screw to every subtle nuance. Every pair of RAEN frames are designed in our California design studio and made to our exact original vision. All of our acetate is a unique and custom combination for our line, and every frame is built with hand-guided cutting, and then hand polished to finish. All of our lenses are manufactured by Carl Zeiss Vision, completing the process that makes every single frame RAEN.

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Tom Ford

Luxury Designer Frames

Tom Ford is among the most highly respected and successful designers today. The winner of numerous design awards, his rise in fashion began in 1994.

The new TOM FORD eyewear collection focuses on shapes inspired by the 1950s and 1970s, highlighting bold and clean-cut volumes with styles characterized by fine combinations of acetate and metal, making the eyewear unique and instantly recognizable. The new line features iconic details and concepts, such as the ‘T’ metal logo on the front panel, the famous infinity symbol, as well as bestselling designs in new color palettes, reflecting the latest fashion trends.

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Yves Saint Laurent

Luxury Designer Eyewear

Saint Laurent Eyewear fully represents the house's distinctive fashion attitude; timeless style and contemporary luxury. The collections are a fine selection of unique products distinguished by an outstanding quality.

A strong sense of individuality inspires the new Saint Laurent eyewear collection featuring style pieces enhanced with sophisticated shapes and iconic accents

Brooklyn Designer Eyeglass Optical (2024)


Are designer brand glasses worth it? ›

High Quality

Designer frame glasses have quality material that is fade-resistant, flexible, and resistant to breakage. They are also comfortable and look better. The materials may cost more, but they are worth the extra price. They also give a better finish and texture to your glasses.

What is the difference between designer and optical glasses? ›

Designer glasses are made to a higher standard than regular prescription glasses. They are typically made with more quality materials, and they give you more options as far as lenses are concerned. Designer eyewear often comes with a warranty, so you are covered if your glasses end up being defective.

Who makes Jennifer Aniston's glasses? ›

Jennifer Aniston's aviator glasses

These sunglasses are designed by luxury eyewear brand Jacques Marie Mage.

Where are Brooklyn spectacles made? ›

Every pair of Brooklyn Spectacles appear as at home on the face of a local cafe barista as they do on a musician taking the stage. Every Brooklyn Spectacles frame is designed with passion in our studio at Williamsburg, Brooklyn by a team of eyewear professionals with extensive experience.

What is the No 1 glasses brand? ›

Summary Of The Best Sunglasses Brands in India
S. No.Brand namePrice
1Polo Ralph Lauren₹12,009
6 more rows

What glasses design makes you look younger? ›

Blue, pink, and orange – These hues tend to flatter mature skin tones. Choosing frames in blue, pink, or orange can create a youthful look. Tortoiseshell – A tortoiseshell frame in the classic rich brown and gold pattern is often considered both stylish and timeless.

Which lens is better for eyes glass or plastic? ›

Natural glass has a clear advantage here: Its refractive index range extends from 1.5 to 1.9, while the refractive index range of organic glass (= plastic) is only 1.5 to 1.74. Natural glass also has a greater density than plastic.

Why do designer glasses cost so much? ›

Designer labels aside, more expensive frames are more complex, made from better materials, and handcrafted in countries that pay fair labor rates. This translates into a better quality, longer lasting products.

Where do Oprah get her glasses from? ›

Her frames consistently manage to be stylish, eye-catching, and trendsetting all at the same time. While Oprah loves InSight in D.C., according to O's creative director Adam Glassman, she gets the majority of her glasses from Luxuriator by Franco, a high-end boutique in Beverly Hills.

What brand of glasses does Reese Witherspoon wear? ›

Established by Reese Witherspoon, Draper James is a lifestyle brand inspired by her Southern upbringing. The eyewear is designed to bring the contemporary, yet timeless Draper James style with an inclusive range of designs & eye sizes.

Who makes Warby Parker glasses? ›

Warby Parker designs its product in-house, and sells directly to consumers through its website and stores. The company orders its own materials, such as acetate, from Italy and then manufactures frames at the same Chinese factories as competitors such as Luxottica.

Who makes America's best eyeglasses? ›

America's Best Contacts & Eyeglasses is the largest of five retail brands owned by National Vision, one of the largest optical retailers in the U.S.

Who makes Lester Holt's glasses? ›

Lester Holt wears Lunor and Robert Marc

We are not sure exactly which Lunor, Lester Holt wears. Its either the 215 or 226. They are the virtually the same shape, just slightly different sizes. We can compare your old glasses and come up with the best Lunor for you!

Who makes Louis Vuitton glasses? ›

Thélios designs and manufactures eyewear for LVMH Maisons including, Loewe, Celine, Berluti, Kenzo, Fenty, and Louis Vuitton.

Is it worth it to buy expensive glasses? ›

Premium Quality Frames

The lenses are of stellar quality and come with additional benefits, such as UV 400 coating, anti-blue light coating, and more. Of course, designer glasses are a little more costly than regular frames, they are worth the investment.

Why do people buy designer glasses? ›

When you pay for designer glasses, you're not just paying for a name, you're paying for a higher quality of frames. Designer eyewear uses premium materials and construction to give them their high-end appearance. These frames are sturdier and more durable so they're able to handle the day-to-day wear and tear of life.

Does the brand of glasses matter? ›

While you may pay a little more for a top-brand pair of glasses, you are actually paying for better quality. Name-brand eyeglass frames are most often manufactured with high-grade materials. For example, the mechanical hinges may be made of stronger materials like titanium versus steel, which can be more durable.

Are designer glasses from GlassesUSA real? › is a certified reseller of all premium brands. We stand by the quality of our products. We do not provide the original lenses, but we assure you that all of our glasses are authentic.

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