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Wondering which Filmora pricing option would be best for your needs?

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Filmora is an incredible video editing and whiteboard animation software. It’s perfect for inspiring creatives, the professional video editor, or large organizations. It has more than 800 effects and has all the tools needed to make all kinds of videos. For example, make training tutorials with the help of the extensive text library or viral videos with the effects, transitions, and music.

This article will take a look at all of the different Filmora plans, breaking down the fine details and key features so you can choose the best one.

By the end of the article, you will be able to identify which Filmora plan would be best for your needs.

Let’s get started with our Filmora pricing review.

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How Much Does Filmora Cost?

There are a few different plans available from Filmora. They range in price from $49.99 per year to $109.99 per year for individuals. Business plans are $155.88 per year, per user. An educator plan is also available at discounted rates.

Compare the plans offered by Filmora in the table below. Then continue reading to learn further vital features and details for each paid version offered.

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What are the Features that Filmora Offers?

Filmora offers a massive amount of video editing tools that can make your videos look professional quality. A few of the advanced features that Filmora offers with their professional video editing software are:

  • Editing support up to 4K resolutions
  • Split-screen feature
  • Advanced text editing
  • Audio equalizer
  • GIF support
  • Motion tracking
  • Audio ducking
  • Green screen
  • Picture in picture
  • More than 800 effects
  • Easy import/export to any format
  • Easy-to-use software

Filmora Subscription Plan – $49.99/year

The Filmora subscription plan is an excellent plan for video editing service. It gives the user access to excellent tools to create professional-quality videos.

Filmora’s subscription plan is effortlessly set to auto-renew but can be canceled at any time.

This plan is perfect for creatives who need it for a period of time, but who may not be using it for many years.

The Filmora subscription plan features a once-a-year fee that includes all updates and exceptional technical support.

Filmora Perpetual Plan – $79.99 – one-time fee

This is the most popular plan with Filmora. With a low one-time fee, this plan gives the user lifetime access to their chosen plan. This plan is a great, budget-friendly option for getting a permanent Filmora license you can enjoy forever.

Filmora Bundle Subscription Plan – $109.99/year

The bundle subscription plan with Filmora offers excellent tools and resources to increase the quality of your videos. This plan auto-renews with a cancel anytime feature as well. The bundle subscription plan includes one full year of updates and unlimited downloads from the Filmstock library.

Filmora Business Annual Plan – $155.88/year per user

The Filmora business plan is an excellent choice for organizations or teams. This plan offers volume discounts based on the number of users as well as doesn’t require attribution. The Filmora business annual plan gives the brand access to set up multi-users and offers flexible and convenient payment options.

Filmora Educator Plan – Discounts Available

It’s also worth pointing out that Filmora offers a plan for educators that gives significant discounts on the price of their software. You have to reach out to the company directly for pricing details.

Filmora Cost Q&A

Does Filmora offer a free trial?

Yes, Filmora offers a 30-day free trial download.

What forms of payment does Filmora accept?

Filmora accepts all major credit cards, PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and more.

Does Filmora have a refund policy?

Filmora offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

What are some of the best features the software offers?

Filmora is a high-quality video editing software that takes videos to the next level. You can expect professional-quality videos and an easy-to-use platform. Buttons are clearly labelled, and there are many drag and drop features. Some of the best advanced features are:

  • Editing support of resolutions up to 4K
  • Split-screen feature
  • Green screen tools
  • Advanced text editing
  • Audio ducking
  • GIF support
  • Picture in picture tools
  • Video stabilization

Filmora Pricing Review

  • Subscription Plan – $39.99/year
  • Perpetual Plan – $69.99 one time fee
  • Bundle Subscription Plan – $99.87/year
  • Business Annual Plan – $155.88/year

Recap of Filmora Plans and Features

Subscription Plan – This plan is perfect for creatives, beginners, or experts who need a great solution for editing videos. All of the Filmora plans give the user access to fantastic video editing tools. The subscription plan includes one year of updates to Filmora and removes watermarks.

Perpetual Plan – The Perpetual plan offers a lot of value for a low one-time fee. With this plan, the user will have lifetime access to the plan they purchased plus all updates.

Bundle Subscription Plan – This plan gives the user access to unlimited downloads from the Filmstock library. It comes with a complete year of updates as well.

Business Annual Plan – The Business Annual plan is perfect for any business. It has all the great editing features as well as doesn’t require attribution. This plan offers a volume discount making it an excellent choice for teams/collaborative work. Additionally, the Business Annual plan provides flexible payment options and superior customer and tech support.

Click here to try Filmora free for 30 days.

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