Personal characteristics and skills required (child nursing) (2024)

This page has information on the personal characteristics and skills needed for child nursing.

You’ll need to be intuitive and be able to reassure distressed children, their family or carers. Verbal and non-verbal communication skills are important as well as the ability to play sensitively with a child.It's likely that you'll need to advise or teach the child's parents/carers what they’ll need todo to treat the child at home. Respect, sensitivity and empathy are also important characteristics for a child nurse.

Personal characteristics and skills required (child nursing) (1)

You’ll be responsible for patients with a range of needs so being highly organised, flexible and able to prioritise effectively will be vital. A good nurse is also highly observant, able to assess patients and take responsibility for determining the best course of action.

On a daily basis you’ll need to use a broad range of skills, including:

  • listening and communication
  • problem solving
  • good judgement
  • offering advice

Values and behaviours

If you're applying for a role either directly in the NHS or in an organisation that provides NHS services, you'll be asked to show how you think the NHS values apply in your everyday work. Find out more about the NHS values.

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Personal characteristics and skills required (child nursing) (2024)
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