Step Into The NHS :: Children's nurse (2024)

A day as a children's nurse

Your day starts on the children's hospital ward, monitoring the progress of a teenager who's been in a car accident. You talk with his parents, assuring them he's recovering well, and discuss future care plans. Although his mother is very upset, you manage to reassure her that her son is in safe hands, and persuade her to go home and rest.

Later, you help monitor a toddler with breathing problems. Since you can't communicate verbally, you pay close attention to the child's facial expressions and movements to try and establish how she is feeling. You enjoy being around children and young people, and making a positive difference to their lives.

Step Into The NHS :: Children's nurse (2024)


How to answer NHS application questions? ›

Take a look at the job description or personal specification to find the skills/qualities required in the role and match these to your qualifications or experience. Then, consider specific examples of occasions when you displayed those skills. For each example, name the situation, task, action, and result.

What are NHS Band 6 scenario questions? ›

Band 6 manager NHS interview questions
  • How would you manage an underperforming team member?
  • What would you do if there is conflict within your team?
  • How would you look to lead the team?
  • What are the important leadership qualities for a band 6 clinician?

What are common NHS Band 5 interview questions? ›

NHS Band 5 interview questions
  • Why do you want to work with the NHS? ...
  • How might you deal with emotionally taxing situations in this role? ...
  • What is your priority when looking after patients? ...
  • Detail a time when you've had to work under pressure. ...
  • What is your proudest achievement in your nursing career to date?
Jan 17, 2023

What are the 6 C's of nursing interview questions? ›

Interviewee: Before your interview, you must ensure you understand the six Cs of nursing, which are: care, compassion, competence, communication, courage and commitment. It's not enough to say what they are – you need to share examples of when you've successfully exhibited all these traits.

How do I pass the NHS application? ›

You should:
  1. Maintain a high GPA (at least a 3.0, although your school's chapter may have higher standards).
  2. Participate in voluntary service opportunities.
  3. It's a good idea to keep a record of your volunteer hours, both for the NHS application and for future college applications.

How to pass NHS application form? ›

Provide good supporting information

Demonstrate why you would be suitable and how you meet the person specification. You need to convince the recruiter that you have the required skills, knowledge and experience and that they should be inviting you for an interview.

How to pass a NHS interview? ›

During the Interview
  1. Engage with the panel - It is important to engage with all of the members of the interview panel, despite which member asked the question you are answering.
  2. Be clear - Speak clearly and be concise in your responses.
  3. Sell yourself – Give real examples of how you have achieved positive outcomes.

How to pass Band 6 NHS interview? ›

The skills employers typically look for include:
  1. Strong leadership.
  2. Decision making.
  3. Communication.
  4. Focus under pressure.
  5. Willingness to collaborate.
  6. Ability to train other nurses.
  7. Clinical skills.
  8. Organisation.

How do you get a high score on the NHS interview? ›

During the interview
  1. Make eye contact with all members of the interview panel. ...
  2. Smile! ...
  3. Be clear and concise in your responses.
  4. Structure your answers with 3 or 4 main points of examples from your own experience.
  5. Do not assume that the panel know the detail of what is in your application form or CV.

What is a band 8 nurse? ›

Essentially, Band 8 Nurses will be taking responsibility for a large team of nurses. Think of it like a management role. You'll also retain the responsibilities of a Band 7 nurse. At Band 8 Level, you'll need to have excellent management skills as well as years of experience in the healthcare field.

What questions can I ask at the end of an NHS interview? ›

So, you've made it to the end of the interview and they ask…
  • What are your expectations for this role during the first 30, 60 and 90 days?
  • Can you describe the culture of the department?
  • What changes/differences would you like to see in the department in the next 5 years?
Aug 14, 2020

What are the 7 core values of the NHS? ›

Our values reflect the shared values of all NHS organisations, as defined in the NHS Constitution, and underpin all that we do:
  • Working together for patients. Patients come first in everything we do. ...
  • Respect and dignity. ...
  • Commitment to quality of care. ...
  • Compassion. ...
  • Improving lives. ...
  • Everyone counts.

What are the 4 P's in nursing? ›

Many healthcare facilities are using the method of rounding addressing the 4P's (possessions, position, pain, and potty). Despite using the 4 P's rounding, there has been an increase in patient falls and miscommunication among staff and patients.

How to answer NHS nursing interview questions? ›

A very common question early on in your interview. Don't go into too much detail, but give an answer that reflects your passion and enthusiasm for Nursing. Talk about why you got into Nursing, why this role excites you, and why you're the perfect fit.

How do you pass a nursing interview? ›

  1. Research the organization's mission and history. ...
  2. Read the job description. ...
  3. Prepare potential questions. ...
  4. Dress for success and act professionally. ...
  5. Practice nursing interview questions. ...
  6. Develop a professional resume and a well-written cover letter. ...
  7. Clean up your social media. ...
  8. Be on time.
May 19, 2023

What do I write in my NHS application? ›

Emphasize your skills and qualifications: In your personal statement, highlight your relevant skills and qualifications, such as your academic achievements, clinical experience, and leadership abilities. Use specific examples to demonstrate your competence and expertise in the field.

How do I stand out in an NHS interview? ›

Use your own examples and reflection/learning rather than generic answers. The STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) method is a useful way to describe your experience and how it relates to the job you are interviewing for.

What makes a good NHS application? ›

1) Structure your NHS essay around the NHS Pillars: Scholarship, Service, Leadership, and Character. A high GPA acts as an indicator of your “scholarship”, or dedication to academia. This pillar must appear in your essay as well, in the form of impeccable writing skills.

What should be included in NHS application? ›

Discuss specific instances where you played a leadership role, whether it be within a group project, a sports team, or a club. If possible, highlight the impact your leadership had on others, or explain how acting as a leader helped you cultivate skills you can bring to the NHS chapter.

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