Top 10 Ways to Say Goodbye in Spanish (Standard and Slang) - Yabla Spanish - Free Spanish Lessons (2024)

Do you know how to say goodbye in Spanish? Believe it or not,there are many different ways to say goodbye in Spanish. In this lesson, we will review some of the standardterms you can use as well as other alternative ways ofsaying goodbye in Spanish slang. Let's take a look.

Adiós: The Top Choice for Saying Goodbye in Spanish

If you want to know the most standard way of saying goodbye in Spanish,adiósis your go-to term.Let's hearhow to pronounce it:

Adiós. -Adiós.

Goodbye. -Goodbye.

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Bueno, mucho gusto, Ana. -Mucho gusto.

Well, nice to meet you, Ana. -Nice to meet you.

Adiós. -Adiós.

Goodbye. -Goodbye.

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How to Say Goodbye in Spanish Using the Prepositionhasta

The preposition hasta (usually translatedas "until" or "even" in English) is quite useful when we want to say bye to someone. While the following expressions are not as literal as adiós, people use them often when they want to say goodbye in Spanish. The idea here is, "Let's meet at some point inthe future."Let's take a look:

1. Hasta luego (See you later)

Así que, ¡nos vemos muy pronto!

So, see you very soon!

¡Hasta luego!

See you later!

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2. Hasta pronto (See you soon)

¡Adiós, amigos de Yabla, hasta pronto!

Bye, friends of Yabla, see you soon!

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3. Hasta la próxima (See younext time)

Gracias por su atención y hasta la próxima.

Thank you for your attention, andsee you next time.

Hasta luego.

See you later.

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4. Hasta mañana (See you tomorrow)

Hasta mañana, Ivo. -Chau, mi amor. -Chau.

See you tomorrow, Ivo. -Bye, my love. -Bye.

Chau, papá. -Chau.

Bye, dad. -Bye.

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5. Hasta la vista (So long)

Bueno, os esperamos por Madrid.

Well, we await you in Madrid.

¡Hasta la vista!

So long!

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Chao or Chau: Your EasiestOptions for Saying Goodbye in Spanish Slang

Are you wonderinghow to say bye in Spanish in the shortest possible way?Look no further. Theseslang terms, taken from the standard Italian manner of saying goodbye (ciao),are the words you'relooking for. Let's see how to pronounce chao and chau:

Bueno... Nos vemos en la casa, chao.

OK... See you at home, bye.

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...porque ahora tengo un compromiso. Claro.

...because now I have an appointment. [Is that] clear?

Chau, Andrea. -Chau.

Bye, Andrea. -Bye.

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Three More Ways to Say Goodbye in Spanish

Instead of the previous choices, some people tend to use the following expressions when saying goodbye:

1. Nos vemos (See you)

Ha sido un placer estar con vosotros.

It has been a pleasure being with you.

Nos vemos. Un saludo.

See you. A greeting.

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2. Cuídate (Take care)

Sobres, cuídate.

OK, take care.

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3. Suerte (Good luck)

Solamente quería saber si usted estaba vivo todavía.

I just wanted to know if you were still alive.

Suerte, Magoo.

Good luck, Magoo.

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That's all for today. We invite you to use all the expressions we mentioned throughout this article, and don't forget toleave us your comments and suggestions!

Top 10 Ways to Say Goodbye in Spanish (Standard and Slang) - Yabla Spanish - Free Spanish Lessons (2024)


Top 10 Ways to Say Goodbye in Spanish (Standard and Slang) - Yabla Spanish - Free Spanish Lessons? ›

Hasta luego. You can say nos "¡vemos luego!" (see you later) "hasta mañana"(see you tomorow) or " nos vemos pronto" (see you soon) :).

What are 5 ways to say goodbye in Spanish? ›

Most Common Ways to Say Goodbye in Spanish
  • Adiós — Goodbye. ...
  • Hasta luego — See you later. ...
  • Hasta mañana — See you tomorrow. ...
  • Hasta pronto — See you soon. ...
  • Hasta la próxima — Until next time. ...
  • Hasta… — Until… ...
  • Te veo — See you. ...
  • Nos vemos — See you.
Apr 29, 2024

How do you say see you later in Mexican slang? ›

Hasta luego. You can say nos "¡vemos luego!" (see you later) "hasta mañana"(see you tomorow) or " nos vemos pronto" (see you soon) :).

Can you say "Buenos Dias" as a goodbye? ›

Often the greetings “buenos días”, “buenas tardes” and “buenas noches” are also used to say goodbye as they can be appropriate in several contexts such as when kids go to bed at night or when we finish a conversation on the phone.

How do you say goodbye in slang? ›

Catch you later/check you later/smell you later – These mean the same as see you later, they're just more playful versions of that expression. Smell you later is something you'll hear kids say far more than adults! But grown-ups might occasionally be overheard saying this to a friend as a joke too. Peace out!

What key is 50 Ways to Say Goodbye in? ›

"50 Ways to Say Goodbye" is a pop rock song in the key of E♭ minor. It is in common time with a tempo of 140 beats per minute.

What is 1 Spanish Mexican slang word? ›

Güey. "Güey," also spelled and pronounced "wey," is a universal Mexican slang word that serves as a versatile pronoun similar to "dude" or "guy" in English. It's often used among friends or acquaintances in casual conversations.

What is OK in Mexican slang? ›

It is vale. Vale comes from the verb valer, meaning 'to be worth' or 'to be capable'. Vale actually was goodbye in Latin, meaning the same 'be strong'. In Spanish it means ok, literally 'this is worth'.

What's up Mexican slang? ›

So long story short, there is not a definitive “what's up” that's used in every single country but each one of them has their own version. For example: Mexico: “Qué onda” that's the standard but there is a vulgar version of it which is “que pedo”.

Can you say Mucho Gusto when saying goodbye? ›

Mucho Gusto ('Pleased to Meet You') – Another way to say goodbye saying that the interaction was nice. Un placer ('My pleasure') – Saying that it was a pleasure to meet the other person.

How do you respond to hasta luego? ›

Hasta luego means see you soon in Spanish so you can respond by saying “hasta luego” back or “igualmente adios” orrrr simply say “adios”. I hope I'm not rude but I will say “Hasta” or sometimes “luego” cuz I think it's cool… like saying “later”. Hasta luego is see you later.

When to say "buen dia"? ›

¡Buen día!

[Bwen dee-a]: This cheery phrase means “Good day!” and can be used throughout the day as well as in the morning.

What are some greetings and goodbyes in Spanish? ›

How to pronounce greetings in Spanish
  • buenos días - good morning.
  • adiós - goodbye.
  • buenas tardes - good afternoon.
  • buenas noches - good evening.
  • muy buenos - a shortened version of the above three greetings, suitable anytime.
  • hola - hello.
  • ¿

What word can I use instead of goodbye? ›

Synonyms of good-bye
  • farewell.
  • Godspeed.
  • ave.
  • bon voyage.
  • congee.
  • adieu.
  • congé
  • send-off.

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