Watch the Fujifilm X-Summit 2023: live announcement of X-S20 and XF8mm (2023)


Our Reviews Editor Gareth Bevan has been in Malta for the last couple of days shooting with the new camera - and this is his early hands-on version of his Fujifilm X-S20 review

(Image credit: Gareth Bevan / Digital Camera World)

And here are some close-up images of the new Fujiflm XF8mm F3.5 R WR

Watch the Fujifilm X-Summit 2023: live announcement of X-S20 and XF8mm (2)

Watch the Fujifilm X-Summit 2023: live announcement of X-S20 and XF8mm (3)

Watch the Fujifilm X-Summit 2023: live announcement of X-S20 and XF8mm (4)

Here are some of the official photos of the new Fujfilm X-S20…

Watch the Fujifilm X-Summit 2023: live announcement of X-S20 and XF8mm (5)

Watch the Fujifilm X-Summit 2023: live announcement of X-S20 and XF8mm (6)

Watch the Fujifilm X-Summit 2023: live announcement of X-S20 and XF8mm (7)

Watch the Fujifilm X-Summit 2023: live announcement of X-S20 and XF8mm (8)

Watch the Fujifilm X-Summit 2023: live announcement of X-S20 and XF8mm (9)

So no final "One last thing" this time :(
But we are left with the tantalizing promise of the next X-Summit…

So that's a wrap - but we are reminded that if you are in Bangkok, to pop along to the Fujikina event that is happening around the city. See Fujikina Bangkok web page for details.

Prices are here:

X-S20 body is $1,299 and available in June
The basic 15-45mm kit will sell for $1,399, and the 18-55mm kit will be $1,699.

The XF8mm f3.5 R WR will also be available from June and retails for $799.

X-App gives an activity log - showing the total number of shots you have taken with each of your Fujifilm cameras. Nearly all current cameras - but they need to have the Bluetooth function. If your camera doesn't have Bluetooth, you will need to keep using the existing Camera Remote).

Compatible models are: GFX100, GFX100S, GFX50S II , X-H2S, X-H2, X-Pro3 , X-T5, X-T4, X-T3, X-T30 II, X-T30 , X-S20, X-S10, X-E4, and X100V.

We are now at the Bangkok Photohotel and Photocafe - that looks and cool...

And they have managed to shoot over 1000 shots in the day on one charge of the X-S20. Pretty impressive stuff, as mirrorless cameras have a reputation for being much more power hungry than DSLRs.

X-App makes it easy to review the shots, and to choose which ones to upload. With lots of complaints amongst users of the current Fujifilm app - we can't wait to try this out (but will have to wait until tomorrow, and you will have to update the camera's firmware too).

Watch the Fujifilm X-Summit 2023: live announcement of X-S20 and XF8mm (11)

Watch the Fujifilm X-Summit 2023: live announcement of X-S20 and XF8mm (12)

So the first lens of the X-Summit... its the XF8mm f/3.5. Widest prime for X-mount to date

112° angle of view - and gives effective focal length of a 12mm, after the crop factor is taken into account.

Weighs just 215g - so much lighter option than the existing 8-16mm zoom.

Uses a 62mm filter - so can use an affordable polarizer, say, which we have to admit is a must-have accessory when travelling.

Plenty of great architecture in Bangkok to try out this new 8mm superwide lens!

New firmware for the X-H2 and X-T5 - as promised earlier in the year. Offering improved autofocus - with an improved motion prediction algorithm. More types of subjects can be recognised too - new ones include insects and drones.

Drones? Not ever thought of photographing those before… But insects are definitely notoriously difficult to get sharp images of.

The X-S20 can use the FAN-001 accessory fan to cool the camera down when video shooting - particularly useful in the Bangkok heat! The fan was introduced with the X-H2S, and can also be used on the X-H2.

After the distraction of the benefits of fill-flash, we are getting the video specs of the X-S20 - which can shoot at 6.2K, and record in V-Log and VLog2. A new option on the mode dial is called VLOG - offering access to basic video functions.

Watch the Fujifilm X-Summit 2023: live announcement of X-S20 and XF8mm (13)

Watch the Fujifilm X-Summit 2023: live announcement of X-S20 and XF8mm (14)

Missed the specs when they flashed on screen? Here you go…

Watch the Fujifilm X-Summit 2023: live announcement of X-S20 and XF8mm (15)

So there is an new app to - the X-App. Android and iOS versions will be available for download tomorrow. One new feature is a GPS logger function

Watch the Fujifilm X-Summit 2023: live announcement of X-S20 and XF8mm (16)

The use of the X Processor 5 we are told means it is lower power device. Ans this uses the large NP-W25 used in top models in the X-range. CIPA says 750 shots per charge - but Fujifilm hopes in real travel situations will give you 1000 shots

A high-capacity battery is the first features - and it offers a 26MP X-Trans 4 sensor.

Watch the Fujifilm X-Summit 2023: live announcement of X-S20 and XF8mm (17)

And that tees up nicely the first new product - the X-S20.

Bangkok has special meaning for Fujifilm we are told as this is the number one travel destination in the world - and travel is the most popular photo subject.

And we are off!

Just 15 minutes or so to go before the 10th X-Summit gets under way...
Has anyone wondered what the building is on the YouTube holding screen for this event? Its the old Bangkok Railway Station in the Pathum Wan district of the capital. It was built in 1916, and was used as a rail terminus right up until 2021. It has now to become a railroad museum - and has already been used as a venue for steam locomotive meets.

While most people have seen the rumors, and are therefore expecting the Fujifilm X-S20 to be launched today - others have other things on their wishlist. I've been looking through the comments on Fujifilm's X-Summit YouTube page - and here are some of my favorite suggestions:

• Bring back small APSC cameras like X70, says Antonio

• Looking forward for a X-T40 with IBIS! comments Daniele Duranti

• X-E5 please!!! I cant get the hold on a X-E4 anymore :( - pleads José Cardoso

• X100 X with IBIS, 40mp sensor and wireless flash control built in, can be used with the remote tripod....simply heaven! - is the wish of Sandy Clarke

• And near countless calls for an X-Pro4

It is hot in Bangkok today – and despite being overcast it is 36°C (97°F). Thunderstorms are expected in the next couple of hours - just before the first Fujifilm X-Summit of 2023 takes place. We are standing by to bring you the news and our commentary on the announcements as they begin in just under three hours time - 5am ET / 10am BST.

The X-Summit is not the only Fujifilm event going on in Bangkok this week. On Saturday May 27, the company is also hosting Fujikina. This public event is for X-photographers offering photowalks, talks, galleries and a chance to see the latest Fujifilm kit. For full details and to register for the limited-ticket events check out the Fujikina Bangkok web page. Activities run from 9am to 6pm and take place at some of the Thai capitals most iconic landmarks - such as the Giant Swing, and Wat Pho. The last Fujikina was held in New York, last September.

The X-Summit has already become something of a fixture in the camera calendar - but this Fujifilm event only started back in 2019, so in the history of photography is still relatively new. This May 2023 will be the tenth X-Summit.

Here is a list of all the X-Summits there have been to date:

1: Dubai - February 2019
2: Shibuya
- September 2019
3: London
- February 2020
4: Omiya - October 2020
5: Global (virtual) - January 2021
6: Global (virtual) - September 2021
7: Omiya - May 2022
8: New York - September 2022
9. Tokyo - November 2022
10. Bangkok - May 2023

There are also three outstanding lenses on the GF lens roadmap for Fujifilm's medium-format cameras. Slated for 2023 is the GF55mm f/1.7 - and two tilt-shift lenses Fujifilm GF30mm f/5.6 T/S and GF 100mm f/5.6 T/S Macro which were shown in prototype form at last year's New York X-Summit. We'd love to see these get a full launch with detailed specifications and pricing.

Watch the Fujifilm X-Summit 2023: live announcement of X-S20 and XF8mm (18)

The X-Summits are also the time that Fujfilm releases new lenses, or tells us about new optical designs it has in development.

The rumor sites have the XF 8mm f/3.5 as the favorite lens to be announced in Bangkok. This is not very controversial, as this lens was added to the company's X-mount roadmap (see below) last year - and slated for release in 2023.

This would be the widest prime available for the X-mount camera family with an effective focal lenght of 12mm - offering what we assume will be a lighter-weight alternative to the existing Fujifilm XF 8-16mm f/2.8 R LM WR zoom.

Watch the Fujifilm X-Summit 2023: live announcement of X-S20 and XF8mm (19)

Also due an update is the GFX range... this family of medium format of mirrorless cameras last got a new models in 2021, with the GFX 100S and then the GFX 50S II. We'd love to see an update of the flagship GFX 100, or a return of a camera like the discontinued rangefinder-styled GFX 50R.

Of course, there are other cameras that we have all been hoping that Fujifilm will update. I have lost count of the number of times that people have asked about an an update for the X-Pro3 - which logic tells us would be called the X-Pro4. The last model in this family was released way back in 2019, when no one had even heard of Covid. It would be great if we could get some update on this rangefinder range at this X-Summit.

So what are we expecting from the Bangkok X-Summit? As ever, the rumors are already giving us some odds-on favorites for what will be announced.

The rumor sites have their money on the launch of a successor to the popular Fujifilm X-S10 - which reportedly and logically will be called the X-S20. One leak says that this will have a new VLOG mode - which would make sense as one of the defining features of the X-S10 is its swing-out, rotating LCD screen. The X-S10 was launched in November 2020, so is well overdue an update.


Is Fujifilm release a new camera in 2023? ›

Based on their announcement patterns, we made a list of expected cameras from Fujifilm back on December 26th, 2022. Not only that, we have also published back on April 12th, 2023 that the Fuji X-S20 will arrive on May 24th during the X-Summit of 2023. And we also expect the arrival of Fuji's GFX50R Mark II.

How do I connect my Fujifilm camera to my smartphone? ›

Connecting to the Camera from an Android Device
  1. Launch the FUJIFILM Camera Remote app. ...
  2. Tap Connect.
  3. Press the button to which WIRELESS COMMUNICATION has been assigned or select WIRELESS COMMUNICATION in the camera menus. ...
  4. Wait until the connection is established.

What is the prediction for Fujifilm? ›

Stock Price Forecast

The 14 analysts offering 12-month price forecasts for Fujifilm Holdings Corp have a median target of 66.95, with a high estimate of 99.51 and a low estimate of 54.49. The median estimate represents a +10.16% increase from the last price of 60.78.

Is Fuji coming out with a new camera? ›

So far FujiRumors has rumored two cameras to come in 2023: Fujifilm X-S20. Fujifilm GFX100 replacement.

Is Fujifilm discontinuing film? ›

Fujifilm has announced that it will no longer accept new domestic orders for a range of color negative 35mm film as well as reversal film in both 35mm and 120 formats due to a shortage of raw materials.

Why is Fujifilm discontinued? ›

The reason why Fujifilm couldn't keep up with demand is the global parts shortage that affected so much within the industry.

Does Fujifilm have a phone app? ›

The new Fujifilm XApp will be released on May 25th for both iOS and Android. Earlier this week, Fujifilm offered press an early glimpse at the software.

Does Fujifilm camera have Bluetooth? ›

Connecting to a Smartphone

Pair the camera with the smartphone and connect via Bluetooth®. Press DISP/BACK while shooting information is displayed. You can also proceed directly to Step 3 by holding the DISP/BACK button during playback. Highlight Bluetooth and press MENU/OK.

How do I connect my camera to my phone via Wi-Fi? ›

How do I connect my camera to my phone wirelessly? Download the camera's app from the App Store or Google Play Store, sign up for an account, and tap 'add device'. Pair the camera via a QR code or by connecting to it as a wireless network.

Who is Fujifilm competitor? ›

FUJIFILM competitors include Epson, Sony, Agfa Gevaert, Canon and Ricoh Imaging. FUJIFILM ranks 1st in CEO Score on Comparably vs its competitors.

How long can Fujifilm camera last? ›

Generally, hobbyists or casual photographers can expect their digital cameras to last approximately five years, while a professional photographer may get a longer run from a high-end model.

What is the shutter life expectancy of Fujifilm? ›

It is a low-noise mechanical shutter that withstands 150,000 actuations*2, offers shutter speeds up to 1/4000 sec and has an electronic first curtain. Choose from three shutter types, including an electronic shutter.

What is a Fuji camera good for? ›

8 Best Fujifilm Cameras (Top Picks 2023!)
  • Colorful Cityscapes.
  • Creative Portrait Concepts.
  • Digital Photo Collages.
  • Fairytale Portrait Photography.
  • Landscape Editing.
  • Travel Photography.
  • Urban Photography.

Why is Fujifilm more expensive? ›

For example, many of Fujifilm's cameras feature retro designs and controls, which can be more expensive to manufacture than more modern-looking cameras. Fujifilm also uses high-quality lenses in its cameras, which can add to the cost.

Why don t professionals use Fujifilm? ›

DSLR's are the professional standard. As mirrorless cameras go Fuji simply hasn't got a full frame interchangeable lens camera that can compete. The other issues is the quality of the glass. Fuji, which is a respectable brand, simply does not have lens technology that can compete with Nikon and Canon.

Why is Fujifilm on backorder? ›

The X100V is so popular that Fujifilm has announced it is temporarily stopping orders for the digital camera because the company has too many purchases to process.

Does anyone use camera film anymore? ›

Film photography is gaining popularity once again, and it's not just among nostalgic hobbyists. Today, the old film cameras of yesteryear are often more expensive than some full-frame DSLR cameras.

Is Fujifilm the best camera brand? ›

What is this? Fujifilm is another of the old guard, safely making it through the analog era into the age of digital. While never dominating the market in the style of Canon and Nikon, Fujifilm is still one of the best camera brands. They don't have a wide range of camera types like Canon and Nikon.

Which is the least expensive camera in Fujifilm? ›

The X-E4 is the cheapest at $849; the X-T30 II at $899, then a step up to the X-S10 at $999. If the price is your main concern, you will want to go with the X-E4 as it's the cheapest.

Who owns Fujifilm? ›

Can you transfer Fujifilm to phone? ›

If the camera supports Bluetooth, connect once the Bluetooth icon is active and the names of the camera and the smartphone or tablet are displayed. Tap Import image. Tap Join. Download pictures (downloading pictures).

Can you connect Fujifilm camera to iPhone? ›

Take your iPhone / iPad, open the system settings and touch Wi-Fi. Select the Fujifilm (here: FUJIFILM-X-H1-0936) Wi-Fi network. Optional: If your camera has been paired to another app before, press "OK" on the camera for Change (allow a new pairing).

How do I transfer Fujifilm to my computer? ›

Turn the camera off. Use the supplied USB cable to connect the camera and computer. Be sure the connectors are in the correct orientation and fully inserted. Connect the camera directly to the computer; do not use a USB hub or keyboard.

Can Fujifilm camera go through airport security? ›

Basically, anything under ISO 800 is fine to pass through the X-ray machine. Everything ISO 800 or above should be hand checked. This includes Instax film.

Are Fujifilm cameras allowed on planes? ›

Checked Bags: Yes

We recommend that you put undeveloped film and cameras containing undeveloped film in your carry-on bags or take undeveloped film with you to the checkpoint and ask for a hand inspection.

How do I turn my old Android phone into a spy camera? ›

Step 1: Click "Download Now" button to download and install AirDroid Personal on your old Android device and PC. Step 2: On your old phone, go to Security & Remote Features, switch on the Camera button, then select the Grant Permission button. Step 3: Next, you enable One-Way Audio by turning the option on.

Can I connect a camera to my phone without WiFi? ›

If a wired security camera is connected to a DVR or other storage device, then it does not need a wifi connection to function. Additionally, many cameras support mobile LTE data, so this can be used as an alternative to wifi so long as you have a mobile data plan.

What makes Fujifilm different? ›

Lineup. Unlike some competitors, Fujifilm has a more limited lineup of cameras. They focus mostly on producing high-quality APS-C mirrorless cameras and are one of the few brands to offer more advanced medium format cameras on top of popular consumer products like the Instax series of instant cameras.

Who is Fujifilm target audience? ›

Fujifilm targets middle class consumers while some of its cameras are also affordable for the lower middle class.

Is Amazon an authorized Fujifilm dealer? ›

A: Amazon LLC is an authorized Fuji dealer. All USA Fujis have an "A" as the 3rd digit in the serial number.

What is the lifespan of a camera? ›

Ans: Generally, A camera can last 3 to 5 years with normal use. In special cases, it can last 5 to 10 years. Do cameras wear out from normal use? Ans: Every camera has a limited shutter speed, so overusing a camera can cause wear and tear, but as a hobbyist user of a camera, it will take time to become worn out.

What happens to expired Fujifilm? ›

Once instant film is past its use-by date, the chemicals in it can dry out, causing the effects you see here. At least these photos sort of looked like a jack-o'-lantern when I put them together! Good news now: I decided to try a second pack of the Instax Wide film (same batch that had expired in 2010,) and it worked!

Why is x100v so popular? ›

Not only that, it's stunningly unique. It's not uncommon for folks to mistake the x100v for a vintage camera and that's part of the appeal. It's compact, built like a tank and extremely easy to use. As an everyday point and shoot camera, it really does not get much better from a pure design perspective.

Which camera has the best shutter life? ›

It's safe to say that most DSLR cameras will have a life of around 200,000 shutter actuations. Consequently, most people are looking for second hand cameras that are around 50-60,000 actuations as a maximum.

How many years does a mirrorless camera last? ›

Given the build quality of mirrorless cameras, they can last 10+ years if properly maintained and only naturally fail you when critical components like the sensor or image processor break.

How many times can you use a Fujifilm camera? ›

Every Fujifilm disposable camera comes with 27 exposures. To determine how many photos you have left, look at the top of the camera next to the button you use to capture photos.

Which is better Fujifilm or Sony? ›

Fujifilm vs Sony: Fujifilm vs Sony: Which one is better for video? Sony is better for video. In regards to autofocus, Sony does a better job so this plays a huge factor when it comes to taking video.

Which digital camera is closest to film? ›

1) Get a Fujifilm X100. This is probably my favorite digital stills camera on the whole and gives you the closest thing to a “film look” straight out of camera from any digital option, in my opinion.

What is the best Fujifilm camera for vintage look? ›

The Fuji X-E4 is a great choice for anyone looking for a small retro camera with all the bells and whistles. Fujifilm chose to go as minimalist as possible on the X-E4, while still making a camera that is still function over form.

Why do people shoot Fuji? ›

The Fuji grain looks natural and adds character to your images. Especially if one loves shooting film, the look of the Fuji will please her. When shooting my Canon 5DIII, I was afraid to set the ISO above 3200 but nowadays my Fuji film delivers usable images even at 8000 ISO.

What is the best Fujifilm camera setting? ›

Fujifilm JPEG Settings - The Recipes
  • Film Simulation - Monochrome + R.
  • Grain Effect - Strong.
  • Grain Size - Large.
  • Highlight Tone - 0.
  • Shadow Tone - +3.
  • Sharpness - +1.
  • Noise Reduction - 0.
  • Clarity - +1.
Oct 4, 2020

Which camera has the best color science? ›

The Hasselblad X2D has the best color science in the business | Digital Camera World.

What is Fujifilm unique selling point? ›

The camera's USP is that it prints pictures instantly, just like a polaroid. Fujifilm sells around 20,000 instant cameras every year in India, but expects the market to grow. Globally, it sells close to 7 million units annually.

Do Fuji lenses hold value? ›

They're also often a better investment than a new camera, because they stand the test of time and retain their value exceptionally well. In this guide, you'll learn about the best Fuji lenses as of mid-2023, which situations they work best in, their strengths and weaknesses, plus alternatives for different budgets.

Will there be a Fujifilm xt5? ›

With in-body image stabilization (IBIS), Fujifilm's latest autofocus, an impressive battery life and a sensor that provides lots of leeway for cropping, the X-T5 is also the ideal upgrade from older X-T cameras.

Is Canon releasing a new camera in 2023? ›

MELVILLE, NY, February 7, 2023 – Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, announced today the launch of the new EOS R50 camera body, ideal for entry level users, and the EOS R8, an extremely compact, full-frame camera aimed at advanced amateur photo and video enthusiasts looking for budget-friendly ...

What is the future of mirrorless cameras? ›

The mirrorless market will continue to evolve; mirrorless cameras will get better, more professional grade bodies and lenses will be released and teething problems such as autofocus will improve over time.

How much will Fuji XT5 cost? ›

The Fujifilm X-T5 is available at a recommended cost of $1699. This is the same launch price as the X-T4 and $300 lower than that of the X-H2, with which it shares a sensor.

Where is Fuji XT5 made? ›

The Fujifilm X-T5 is available in either Black or Silver priced at £1699 / $1799 for the camera body only in the UK and US respectively. The XT5 is designed and manufactured in Japan.

How much is the Canon r8 rumored to cost? ›

Curiously, the specs leaks also claim that the camera won't have in-body image stabilization. This is a shame, but the rest of the specs above definitely make this an enticing model at its rumored price of just $1,499 for the body alone.

What is the lifetime of a Canon camera? ›

Ans: Generally, A camera can last 3 to 5 years with normal use. In special cases, it can last 5 to 10 years. Do cameras wear out from normal use? Ans: Every camera has a limited shutter speed, so overusing a camera can cause wear and tear, but as a hobbyist user of a camera, it will take time to become worn out.

When did the Canon T8i come out? ›

The Canon EOS 850D, known in the Americas as the EOS Rebel T8i and in Japan as the EOS Kiss X10i, is a digital single-lens reflex camera announced by Canon on February 12, 2020.

Can Fujifilm cameras go through security? ›

Basically, anything under ISO 800 is fine to pass through the X-ray machine. Everything ISO 800 or above should be hand checked. This includes Instax film.

What is the major drawback of mirrorless camera? ›

In summary, mirrorless cameras offer several advantages over SLRs, including their smaller size, faster shooting speed, and better video capabilities. However, they also have some disadvantages, such as shorter battery life, limited lens selection, and higher price points.

Do professionals use mirrorless? ›

Mirrorless cameras are more popular than DSLR cameras for professional photographers. 63% of professional photographers use a mirrorless camera, while 36% of them use a DSLR camera. Only 1% use both.

Do photographers prefer mirrorless cameras? ›

Many professional photographers prefer a mirrorless camera when photographing landscapes or wildlife because they are easy to carry, fast, and quiet. You'll find photojournalists and travel photographers with a small mirrorless in their bag too.

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