Why We Love Pediatric Nurses and You Should Too (2024)

Being a parent can be extremely rewarding, but it also comes with a great deal of responsibility. Keeping children healthy is a top responsibility, which can be difficult if the child requires constant medical aid. Fortunately, pediatric nurses can provide toppediatrics careand makes protecting children much easier.

What Is a Pediatric Nurse?

A pediatric nurse works as acaregiver, educator, counselor, and researcher to children under the age of 18. Pediatrics care is difficult because children are particularly vulnerable and sensitive, and these nurses are experts in both medicine and child psychology. Their focus is on a child's well-being and to help parents to provide their child with everything he/she needs to be healthy and happy.

Why BAYADA Loves Pediatric Nurses

Pediatricnurses have a difficult job. Their training ensures that they know how to speak to a child. If there is a certain ailment or issue that a child is experiencing, the nurse can communicate with him/her to diagnose and treat the problem. In addition to performing physical exams, they are qualified to take blood samples and measure vital statistics. With certain training, they may also be able to read tests, diagnose illness, and create treatment plans.Some may consider pediatric nurses to bethe backbone of great child health care.

Why Families Should Love Pediatric Nurses

First and foremost, pediatric nurses provide comfort and security to children. They work with families from the moment a child is born well into the teenage years. Because of this, the bond between a nurse and a family can be quite profound. They are trained to make a child feel comfortable, and this takes away some of the dread and fear a child may experience when the time comes to receive medical aid.

One of the primary functions of a pediatric nurse is to be an educator. As a child develops from a newborn into a toddler andall of the stages that follow, there are many changes. It can be a confusing time for parents, andhaving resources available can make the transition much easier to endure. Many nurses also spend time at community events and schools to provide information on immunizations and other topics a parent may want their child to be exposed to outside of the home. This is especially important to those who may not have much access to medical care or resources.

Recognize and Appreciate

In acknowledgment of all of their services,Pediatric Nurse Week started October6thand will end October 10th. The purpose of the event is to celebrate the contributions that these nurses make to pediatrics care. In celebration, many health care facilities will be hosting potlucks and parties highlighting the accomplishments of these criticalemployees. Without them, pediatrics care would not be where it is today.

Help us celebrate Pediatric Nurse Week by telling us about the contributions pediatric nurses have made to you and your family’s life in the comments below.

Why We Love Pediatric Nurses and You Should Too (1)

Why We Love Pediatric Nurses and You Should Too (2024)
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