9 of the Best YouTube Downloaders to Watch Videos Offline - Make Tech Easier (2024)

Are you looking to download videos from YouTube and other video hosting sites? Check out our list of the best YouTube downloaders to watch videos offline. Almost all of our recommendations work independently of your browser or operating system. Just copy-paste the downloadable URL into any of these software, and the video file will be instantly saved for offline use.

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Is It Legal to Download YouTube Videos?

Downloading from YouTube is very easy and widely prevalent, with hundreds of sites and apps providing this service. Millions of users are doing it on a daily basis anyway. Does that make it legal?

Technically, no. If you look at the YouTube Terms of Service (ToS), it clearly states that you’re not allowed to “access, reproduce, download, distribute, transmit, broadcast, display, sell, license, alter, modify or otherwise use any part of the Service or any Content except: (a) as expressly authorized by the Service; or (b) with prior written permission from YouTube and, if applicable, the respective rights holders.”

In the worst case, any violations of the ToS can cause a termination of your YouTube services. That does include any unauthorized downloading of content.

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It is for this reason YouTube has restricted mobile and tablet users from downloading videos, especially on Android or iOS devices with third-party apps. This is also why you won’t find any recommended YouTube-specific downloader apps on Google Play Store or the App Store. You may use other open-source apps at your own risk, but again, it’s a violation of the YouTube ToS.

That being said, some categories of video downloads fall under fair use. These include your own videos, and by extension, any shareable videos uploaded by your academic institution, company, peer group or social club. (YouTube cannot deny users access to their own source files.) You can also download copyright-free videos that were shared under a Creative Commons license. YouTube allows you to search for such videos under “filters.”

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Why Download YouTube Videos?

There are many reasons you’d want to download a video for offline use.

  • You lost access to the original source file for one of your videos.
  • To add captions and sound effects.
  • The videos has a Creative Commons license that gives you the right to use it with proper attribution.
  • To watch videos offline without Internet access.
  • Your favorite video may have been deleted or removed.
  • You’re a student or educational institution and need offline access to educational content.

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Best YouTube Video Downloaders

The following is a list of best YouTube video downloader sites. All of them support other video sites such as DailyMotion, Vimeo, and Facebook.

Unless specifically mentioned, these online software are supported on all desktop platforms and mobile browsers.

1. Savefrom

Savefrom (also Savefromnet) is one of the oldest and most reliable video downloader sites. As soon as you paste the video link, it serves you numerous file format options. The download starts instantly on your browser, and you don’t have to worry about pop-up ads or other intrusions. (The ads are very minimal.)

Savefrom’s maximum MP4 resolution is capped at 720p and lacks some of the fancy features of other premium software on our list, but is totally free to use for as many times as you want.

9 of the Best YouTube Downloaders to Watch Videos Offline - Make Tech Easier (5)

Availability: Online. Optional extensions available with Edge, Firefox

Advantages: Free. No sign-up or installation. Unlimited downloads. MP4 and WebM formats.

2. Keepvid

Keepvid is another awesome video downloader, which despite being free, punches way above its weight. Apart from MP4 and WebM, it also supports the MP3 format, which is a great way to extract audio from your video files. After copy-pasting the video link, you can download the media up to a full HD resolution (1080p). Although Keepvid software is meant to be used online with any operating system, you can download its free Windows and Mac installers.

9 of the Best YouTube Downloaders to Watch Videos Offline - Make Tech Easier (6)

Availability: Online & Windows, Mac

Advantages: Free. No sign-up or installation. Unlimited downloads. Online video converter. MP4, MP3 and WebM formats.

3. Y2Mate

Y2Mate (or Y2Mate Guru) is another good example of a browser-based free video downloader that doesn’t require any sign-up pages or installers. It works the same as Savefrom and Keepvid, so you just have to copy-paste the video link. The software supports up to 4K resolution for WebM (2160p) and full HD (1080p) for MP4. Y2Mate should be your free downloader of choice for any high-resolution source videos.

9 of the Best YouTube Downloaders to Watch Videos Offline - Make Tech Easier (7)

Availability: Online

Advantages: Free. No sign-up or installation. Unlimited downloads. MP4, MP3 and WebM formats.

4. YouTube-dl

Although free to use, YouTube-dl should only be attempted by those with advanced needs. Whether you use Windows, Mac, or Linux, YouTube-dl addresses a full desktop video download experience.

It only requires some familiarity with Git bash and GitHub software. With a full list of commands on the website documentation, you can achieve plenty on your Git bash window:

  • Unblock geographic restrictions: we’ve all come across YouTube videos which are restricted based on geography. The command geo-bypass helps you bypass these restrictions.
  • Download videos by date and maximum views.
  • Download subtitles and ads.
9 of the Best YouTube Downloaders to Watch Videos Offline - Make Tech Easier (8)

Availability: Windows, Mac, Linux

Advantages: Free. GitHub community-supported. Supports all UNIX users (macOS, Linux). Large number of code-based video formatting options.

5. Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager (IDM) is a 100 percent premium software, the only one we will recommend, as it makes it much easier to download several large files together. IDM accelerates download speeds up to five times along with a “Scheduler” feature to set up download schedulers. All downloads are backed with a single click, which is good for bulk/massive downloading.

9 of the Best YouTube Downloaders to Watch Videos Offline - Make Tech Easier (9)

Availability: 30-day free trial for Windows. Free helper extensions available for Google Chrome and other browsers

Advantages: Accelerated downloads. Dark theme. One-click download. Download scheduler. Bulk downloads.

6. 4K Video Downloader

If you’re looking for a free video downloader software with advanced features, 4K Video Downloader is an excellent tool to have. Supporting Mac, Windows, and Linux, it is guaranteed to give you up to 8K resolution for an MP4 download. (The source file has to be 8K and higher.) For those looking to download visually appealing videos, the buck really stops here.

The only drawback: you may only download up to 30 videos in a day, which sounds doable.

9 of the Best YouTube Downloaders to Watch Videos Offline - Make Tech Easier (10)

Availability: Windows, Mac, Linux

Advantages: Free to use (with daily limits). 8K Ultra-High Definition. Supports bandwidth saving. Smart mode to download videos in one click. To convert to other video formats, use Freemake Video Converter, which is absolutely free.

7. Freemake Video Downloader

Freemake Video Downloader is a powerful video downloader that remains free to use on Windows and Mac, with some restrictions. After copy-pasting, it saves the videos in a wide variety of formats so that you don’t need to look for video converter software. However, the free version of the tool displays a prominent watermark. A lifetime license can be purchased for less than $30 with a secret discount inside the trial software.

9 of the Best YouTube Downloaders to Watch Videos Offline - Make Tech Easier (11)

Availability: Windows and Mac installers

Advantages: Free to use (with watermarks). Full HD support (1080p). Online converter. Supports MP4, MP3, AVI, WMV, MPEG, 3GP, FLV and many other formats.

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8. iTube HD Video Downloader

We’ll round off our freemium tools with iTube HD Video Downloader software. It supports video downloading from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, and many other sites. iTube also allows you to convert the videos and download them at a lightning fast speed. You can use the software’s own media player to run your videos. Keep pasting the downloaded video URLs to create your own playlist.

9 of the Best YouTube Downloaders to Watch Videos Offline - Make Tech Easier (13)

Availability: Mac, Windows

Advantages: Thousands of sites. Bulk video download. 4K UHD format supported. Downloaded videos can be directly exported to iPhone and Android.

9. YT Cutter

So far we’ve seen software that help you download YouTube videos in their entirety. How about saving a small part of it? Assuming you just need a one-minute favorite scene in a 3-hour long video, you shouldn’t have to download the whole clip. YT Cutter is a superb software that allows you to capture those precise few seconds or minutes. You just have to set the start and end times.

9 of the Best YouTube Downloaders to Watch Videos Offline - Make Tech Easier (14)

Availability: Online

Advantages: Free. No sign-up or installation. Unlimited downloads. Audio files, previews and screenshots supported.

Download Videos with YouTube Go and YouTube Premium

YouTube allows you to “download” the video to your smartphones and tablets if you have a paid YouTube Premium or YouTube Go subscription. It’s not a download in the true sense, though, because the file remains embedded on your YouTube app and for only 48 hours.

During the active subscription, you can download the video as many times as you would like, but it’s no longer available after the subscription expires. Nevertheless, for those looking to have Internet-free access to bandwidth-heavy video files, the download feature is a good option to have on your Android device, iPad, or iPhone.

9 of the Best YouTube Downloaders to Watch Videos Offline - Make Tech Easier (15)

How to Download YouTube Videos with VLC

VLC is a versatile media player, which helps you download YouTube software. To download a YouTube video, follow the steps below

  1. Go to “Media -> Open Network Stream.”
9 of the Best YouTube Downloaders to Watch Videos Offline - Make Tech Easier (16)
  1. Enter the YouTube URL in the Network Protocol URL section.
  2. Click on a tiny arrow next to the Play button and click ‘Stream.” You can also enter Alt + S.
9 of the Best YouTube Downloaders to Watch Videos Offline - Make Tech Easier (17)
  1. This will open a “Stream output” dialog screen. Click “Next” to proceed.
9 of the Best YouTube Downloaders to Watch Videos Offline - Make Tech Easier (18)
  1. In the add destination section, make sure “File” is enabled and click “Add.” This will save the file under a name.
  2. Select a folder to save the file to and name it.
9 of the Best YouTube Downloaders to Watch Videos Offline - Make Tech Easier (19)
  1. Select “Activate transcoding” for the saved file and click “Next.”
9 of the Best YouTube Downloaders to Watch Videos Offline - Make Tech Easier (20)
  1. Click “Stream” for the downloading process to complete.
9 of the Best YouTube Downloaders to Watch Videos Offline - Make Tech Easier (21)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why can I easily download some videos but not others from the same YouTube channel?

If the YouTube content creator has disabled video embedding and third-party linking, no download site will be able to access them. The same holds true for private and unlisted videos. Again, they cannot be traced for downloading.

2. What is the safest YouTube downloader?

All the sites mentioned on this page are safe for work and do not carry malware or any major concerns.

You must have your reasons why you need a local copy of a YouTube video that you saw online. The above list of YouTube download sites contains software names people trust and use. Read on to learn about the best third-party mobile apps you should try and the best apps to watch videos with your friends.

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9 of the Best YouTube Downloaders to Watch Videos Offline - Make Tech Easier (2024)


Can I download a YouTube video to watch offline? ›

In select areas, you can download certain videos from the YouTube mobile app to play offline. The features described in this article are available in the locations listed below. If YouTube Premium is available in your location, you can watch downloaded videos on your mobile device by becoming a YouTube Premium member.

Are there any YouTube downloaders that work? ›

KeepVid (by iTubeGo) is the go-to website to download YouTube videos in MP4 format. Apart from individual videos, the tool also lets you conveniently download complete YouTube playlists in one go. Other than that, you can also download videos from Facebook, Instagram, and Dailymotion.

Which is the best free YouTube downloader for Windows 10? ›

Here is our list of the best video downloaders for Windows 10:
  1. VideoProc. (Windows, MacOS) ...
  2. 4K Video Downloader. (Windows, macOS, Linux) ...
  3. Allavsoft Video and Music Downloader. (Windows, MacOS) ...
  4. ByClick Downloader. (Windows) ...
  5. YTD Video Downloader. ...
  6. Freemake Video Downloader. ...
  7. aTube Catcher. ...
  8. Any Video Converter.
1 Aug 2022

Which app is best for all video downloader? ›

Download All Video Downloader For Android - Best Software & Apps
  • Tube Video Downloader - All Videos Free Download. ...
  • Video Downloader Pro - Download videos fast free. ...
  • All Video Downloader - Fast Video Downloader. ...
  • Download All Video Downloader HD. ...
  • Fast Video Downloader For All. ...
  • All Video Downloader 2020 - Download Videos HD.

Can you download YouTube videos to watch offline 2022? ›

Save videos offline using YouTube Premium

Once you're subscribed to YouTube Premium you can save any video for offline viewing by simply clicking on the download icon below every video. You can access the saved video in the YouTube app on your phone or the website on your desktop.

How do I save offline videos on YouTube without gallery? ›

Follow the below procedure on how to download youtube videos in mobile gallery without app:-
  1. Go to account (Profile) Open the youtube app and tap to the account.
  2. Go to setting. ...
  3. Tap to the download. ...
  4. Enable Use SD Card. ...
  5. Open your Youtube video and tap download.
1 Oct 2022

How do I download a video to watch offline? ›

Watch Youtube videos Offline with Youtube Offline

Which is the best YouTube downloader APK? ›

Top 10 best YouTube Downloader Apps for Android
  • TubeMate YouTube Downloader.
  • SaveFrom YouTube Downloader.
  • Snaptube YouTube Downloader.
  • Videoder YouTube Downloader.
  • KEEPVID YouTube Downloader.
  • InsTube YouTube Downloader.
  • YT3 YouTube Downloader.
  • Dentex YouTube Downloader.
29 Aug 2022

What is the best and safest video downloader? ›

Part 1. 5 Best Video Downloaders for Desktop - Safe & Stable
  1. VideoProc Converter. Price: Free. Platform: Windows, Mac. ...
  2. Freemake Downloader. Price: Free. Platform: Windows, Mac. ...
  3. AceThinker Video Downloader. Price: Free. Platform: Windows, Mac. ...
  4. ByClick Downloader. Price: €11.99/year. ...
  5. iTubeGo Downloader. Price: $9.95/month.
14 Oct 2022

Which browser is the fastest downloader? ›

Here are the best android browsers for downloading large files at the fastest speeds to ensure quick downloads:
  • Opera Browser.
  • Google Chrome.
  • Microsoft Edge.
  • Mozilla Firefox.
  • UC Browser.
  • Samsung Internet Browser.
  • Puffin Browser for Android.
  • DuckDuckGo Browser.
9 May 2022

Which app is the fastest downloader? ›

Download Fast Downloader For Android - Best Software & Apps
  • UC Browser. 4.2. ...
  • TubeMate 2. 4.1. ...
  • FYT - Video Downloader. 1.0.7. ...
  • µTorrent- Torrent Downloader. 7.2.2. ...
  • Free Music Downloader. 1.4.2. ...
  • 1DM+: Browser & Downloader. 14.0.1. ...
  • Snaptubè - All Video Downloader. 1.0. ...
  • Mp3Juice - Free Mp3 Downloader. 1.01.

Which website is best for downloading? ›

The Best Torrent Sites for September 2022 – At a Glance
  • The Pirate Bay – Best overall torrent site.
  • RARBG – Great torrent site with an active community.
  • 1337X – Awesome torrent site for movies, TV shows, and music.
  • Torrentz2 – The best choice for music torrents.
  • YTS – Our recommended torrent website to download HD movies.

Are free downloads safe? ›

Some free downloads are completely safe, and are important to take care of, such as security patches and updates for operating system software, or software like Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash Player or Shockwave Player, Quick Time browser plug-in or Java Virtual Machine.

What is the best free downloader for Android? ›

Best Download Manager For Android 2022
  1. Advanced Download Manager. ...
  2. Turbo Download Manager. ...
  3. Easy Downloader Pro. ...
  4. Download Manager for Android. ...
  5. Loader Droid. ...
  6. IDM(Internet Download Manager) ...
  7. Fast Download Manager. ...
  8. Download Accelerator Plus.
4 May 2022

What is the best video downloader on android? ›

13 Best YouTube Video Downloader Apps For Android [2022]
  • Snaptube.
  • InsTube.
  • VidMate App.
  • YT3 YouTube Downloader.
  • YMusic.
  • TubeMate.
  • Telegram.
  • Keepvid.
15 Jul 2022

Which is the most downloader? ›

List of the Top Most Downloaded Apps
  • Facebook Messenger.
  • CapCut.
  • Spotify.
  • YouTube.
  • HBO Max.
  • Cash App.
  • Subway Surfers.
  • Roblox.
7 Aug 2022

How long do YouTube downloads last offline? ›

Downloaded videos can be played offline for up to 29 days. After that, you'll need to reconnect your device to the internet. Reconnecting will allow the app to check for changes to the video or its availability.

How do I download YouTube videos without Google? ›

Copy the YouTube video URL. Then paste the YouTube video URL into ddownr. Choose output and download the YouTube video. Then go to Documents>Downloads, find the YouTube video and play.

How can I download YouTube videos to my mobile phone for free? ›

TubeMate YouTube Downloader
  1. Download TubeMate. ...
  2. Open the app and search for the video you want to download from YouTube.
  3. Tap the Download icon.
  4. Select the quality of the video you want to download.
  5. Tap the red Download icon.
  6. Tap the small, white Download icon from the bottom of the app to find the offline video.
20 Apr 2022

What streaming services can you download and watch offline? ›

Watch Shows and Movies Offline
  • Spotty internet connections and limited data plans don't have to keep you from watching your favorite TV shows and movies on the go.
  • CBS. ...
  • Disney+ ...
  • EPIX Now. ...
  • Hulu. ...
  • Netflix. ...
  • Prime Video. ...
  • Showtime.

What is the best video downloader? ›

List of Best Video Grabbers
  • By Click Downloader.
  • Wondershare Uniconverter.
  • 4K Video Downloader.
  • Leawo Video Downloader.
  • iTubeGo.
  • SnapDownloader.
  • ClipGrab.
  • aTube Catcher.
29 Sept 2022

Can we download movies when offline from a streaming website and watch offline? ›

You can download movies and TV shows from Google Play to watch offline. Google TV—formerly known as Google Play Movies & TV—is one of the best places to rent new movies, and you can download things you've bought on up to five devices.

How do I download a YouTube video to my computer and save it for free? ›

You can download YouTube videos on your computer using VLC media player. You can also use WinX YouTube Downloader on PC or MacX YouTube Downloader on Mac. To download YouTube videos on the mobile app, simply tap "Download" on the selected video.

What is the best app to download YouTube videos for PC? ›

Best YouTube Video Download App for Android & PC: Top Picks
👍 iTubego• Download Videos From 10,000+ Sites • Convert Video and AudioWindows, Mac, Android
VideoHunter• Great output quality: 8K, 4K, 2K, HD 1080p • Playlists, channels, subtitles 6X faster download availableWindows, Mac
3 more rows
13 Oct 2022

How can I download YouTube videos on Windows 10? ›

To install the YouTube app on Windows 10, use these steps:
  1. Open Microsoft Edge on Windows 10.
  2. Open YouTube website.
  3. Click the Settings and more (three-dotted) button in the top-right corner.
  4. Select the Apps submenu.
  5. Click the Install YouTube option.
  6. Click the Install button.
16 May 2022

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